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Activities in the year 2016

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

12-13th October, 2016: Visit in Halle
    Professor Paulik visited the Fraunhofer Pilot-Plant-Center for Polymer Synthesis and Processing - short PAZ - under the lead of Prof. Bartke in Schkopau, Germany. He and two of his PhD-students got a guided tour through the adaptable, upscaling facility and the adjacent polymer processing unit. On the following day the two research groups introduced themselves to the different research topics and fields of activity. Afterwards Prof. Bartke and his team gave a tour through their laboratories at the Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg. Summarizing it was a very nice opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of labscale polymerisation reaction engineering. We are looking forward to the visit of our colleagues from Halle - see you in Linz.


29-30th September, 2016: Add+it Symposium in Steyr
   Professor Paulik and Andreas Kreuzer, who had a talk as well, attended the Add+it Symposium in Steyr. It is held this year for the 2nd time and is organized in cooperation of the IPPE institute (JKU) and Profactor GmbH . The symposium is distributed over two days and covers topics related to additive manufactoring: additive manufactoring for medical applications, surface finishing and material development as well as rapid tooling, integrated electronics and reverse engineering.
   The location was suitable choosen in the "Museum Arbeitswelt" next to the campus of the "FH Steyr" in the center of Steyr. Every location could easily be reached by foot even the restaurant "Orangeria", which hosted the conference dinner.


26th September, 2016: Posing for pictures
   Today Mr. Harald Kicker (IPMT) and his colleague took videos and pictures in our labs for a professional presentation of our institute at the K-fair in Düsseldorf. The final results will be posted when available or probably even earlier at our appearance at the fair. See you there.


6-9th September, 2016: BIMAC 2016, Slovakia
    The Bratislava International Conference on Macromolecules - "Polymers with tailored architecture and properties" started in 1968 and was held this year for the 22nd time. JKU was well represented by three institutes, Prof. Ian Teasdale (ICP), Prof. Milan Kracalik (IPS) as well as Theresia and Gunnar from our institute. Their contributions covered polymers for biomedicine applications, nanoclay composites for PET, polyolefine multistage-polymerisations and property evaluation of currently used material for 3d-printing. Roughly 70-80 Participants could chose from more than 40 lectures. In addition there was a seminary held in honor of Prof. Eberhard "Ebo" Borsig's 80thanniversary, with special contributions by Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Prof. Berek and others.
    A highlight was the conference dinner on the River Club boat on the danube after the guided city-tour. In addition to a plentiful buffet, we really enjoyed the evening with a beautiful view along the riverbank and Bratislava castle at night. Coincidentally directly next to the boat a beautiful firework was ignited and illuminated the night sky (in our honors ;) ).
   The conference was a very nice opportunity to meet lots of new people from different universities and fields of research. We again want to express our gratitude to the organisators: Jaroslav Mosnácek, Stefan Chmelar, Prof. Lacík and the whole organizing team supporting them.


4-8th September, 2016: MoDeSt 2016, Poland
   The 9th International Conference on Modification, Degradation and Stabilization of Polymers took place in Cracow, this week. Members of CTO and affiliates contributed via presentations and posters:
   Sandra Neuhofer held a lecture about "Melamine based additives", Martina Prambauer (TCKT) presented an "Evaluation of environmental influences on the durability of thermoplastic laminates, reinforced with paper sheets" and Wolfgang Gnong, from ICP, contributed via a poster titled: "Macromolecular antioxidants for polyolefins".
    Additionally to the conference program, the organizers arranged an excursion to the "Wieliczka Salt Mine", which was tapped in the 13th century and produced table salt continuously until 2007. It is one of the world's oldest salt mines still in operation. We had a very interesting guided tour about two hours.
   The conference dinner took place at "Tomaszowice Manor", a historic nineteenth century park and estate complex situated at the gates of Cracow. It was a delicious menu accompanied by traditional polish dance.


29thAugust-1st September, 2016: BiPoCo 2016, Hungary
    Sandra Neuhofer and Christine Klein attended the 3rd International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites in Szeged, Hungary.
    Latter presented a Poster with the title: "Polyhydroxybutyrates generated from lignocellulosic process streams by halophiles", Sandra gave a lecture on: "Cellulose nanocrystals used for immobilization of polymer antioxidants".
   Next to the conference program they had the chance to attend an organ concert at the Votive-Church in Szeged. For the conference dinner the hosts organized a show of traditional Hungarian folk-dancers accompanied with zither music, followed by the banquet in Fehértói Halászcsárda (fish tavern). The menu included traditional Szeged fish soup and dishes of both hungarian and international cousine.


21st-25th August, 2016: Visiting research fellowship
     Christine Klein visited the Center of Polymer Systems at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic. She took the chance to discuss results as well as further possibilities for analysis of her polymers.


24th of August, 2016: GÖCH lectures.
    With the beginning of a new semester the GÖCH lectures are back after the summerbreak. You will find the title of the upcoming talk, the location and time in the News-Teaser on the right side, as soon as they are available.
   In the section "Lectures & GÖCH-Talks" you can review the latest invitations including the abstract. See you there.

3rd of August, 2016: New secretary: Michaela Sponsky
   Let us welcome our new secretary Michaela Sponsky. She started on 1st of august and will accompany us through out the next years. Her working hours and contact details will be entered soon, until everything is set up correctly you can reach her via Email and the offices direct dial (0732 2468) 9000.

7th of July, 2016: Teambuilding @ CTO
   Today we had the instituts excursion to Mitterstoder in the Salzkammergut where we tried ourselves in paragliding and evading the imminent sunburn. The weather was fine but the winds were not well-diposed and a bit too turbulent for us to grow wings. After a nice lunch together we decided to skip the next flying attempts and traveled to the Gleinkersee. There we enjoyed the cool water before we let the day fade out, back in Linz, at an outdoor restaurant.
  Thanks a lot to Andreas, who organized the nice trip, Karl our driver and Professor Paulik for sponsoring this event every year.


24th of June, 2016: Poster Award
   We are happy to announce that Andreas Kreuzer received a poster award at the Spotlight POLYMAT Conference in San Sebastian for his contribution titled: "Thermally expandable acrylic based core-shell microspheres".
   Further information about the conference and his stay in San Sebastian can be found in: CTO Diary. The Poster can be downloaded here.


16th of June, 2016: PhD-student presentation↵
   Today Andreas Kreuzer, a fellow coworker and PhD-student here at the CTO-institute, presented the progression of the project DIMAP he is working on.
    He told us what this project is all about, who the partners are and kept us posted on the first results of his experiments.
Thank you for the presentation and the insight on your research.


25th of May 2016: Excursion to Hueck Folien, Baumgartenberg, Austria
   With a group of 35 students we visited the production site and the innovation center of Hueck Folien in Baumgartenberg. Hueck Folien is a worldwide innovation leader in the areas of special films for labelling, security features and design. The colleagues of Hueck gave us an interesting insight into their production and also the way they drive innovation.


17.05-22.05.2016: Talk of Prof. Christian Paulik at the PRE 2016
   Professor Paulik held a talk at the 12th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering in Hamburg. He presented the work on "Multi-stage polymerization of ethylene in a single-reactor setup".
    Subsequent to the PRE, the 5th PhD workshop WPPRE was held in Hamburg; Gunnar Spiegel presented the work of Paul Aigner: "Optimal catalyst and co-catalyst pre-contacting in industrial ethylene co-polymerization processes" via a talk and a poster.

  • application/pdfAbstract (679KB, Multi-stage polymerization of ethylene in a single-reactor setup)
  • application/pdfAbstract (241KB, Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Z-N catalyst pre-contacting in Industrial Ethylene Polymerization)

10.05-17.05.2016: A hard days work...
    The project Stephan Schwarz is working on, a cooperation of CTO (Prof. Clemens Schwarzinger) with NGR, is getting into its "hot phase".
Within the last weeks the foundation has been constructed, the heavy machine parts have been delivered and finally the housing for this pyrolysis facility is being built.

Day 1: Framework construction.
Day 2: Panels and ceiling are mounted.
Day 3: Finalization of the exterior.
Day 4: Ready for use and installation of the equipment.
Day 5: Assembly of machinery (inside)


9th of May: Paper published
    A paper of Paul Aigner and Christian Paulik, in cooperation with Borealis, was published under open access in the Journal of Polymers last week. The title of the work reads: "Optimal Catalyst and Cocatalyst Precontacting in Industrial Ethylene Copolymerization Processes"
   Here is an impression of the abstract:
    ...The scope of this work is to study the influence of mixing on catalyst/cocatalyst precontacting for a heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalyst system under different polymerization conditions. Slurry ethylene homopolymerization and ethylene copolymerization experiments with 1-butene are performed in a 0.5 L reactor. In addition, the effect of several key parameters (e.g., precontacting time, and ethylene/hydrogen concentration) on catalyst activity is analyzed. ...
    You can read and download the full article.


3rd of May: PhD-student presentations
   Today two PhD students, both working ex-campus in companies, presented their topics and progress.
   Bettina Kroiß, working at voestalpine, presented partially the work of her master-thesis, the advances she made from there on, the prospects of her work applied to similar materials and further possible improvements of organic protective films prohibiting corrosion of galvanized steel straps.
   Martina Prambauer, working at TCKT, talked about her work on paper-polymer compunds, the properties of these compounds compared to commercially available products and their benefits concerning: recyclability, re-usability.
  Thank you for the insight on your work, it was nice to finally meet you.


22nd of April: Lange Nacht der Forschung (Science throughout the night)
   The CTO-institute participated with two exhibition booths at this event which attracted old and young alike.
   Prof. Clemens Schwarzinger, Bettina Schwarzinger and Manuela List explained how to identify/distinguish gems and determine their origin using spectroscopy.
   On the second booth, Prof. Christian Paulik with Andrea Eder and co-workers had "Fun with CO2". They had prepared some experiments with dry-ice (solid carbondioxid), soap bubbles, lots of fog and colors.
   The austrian television crew (ORF) spent some time filming and interviewing the scientists from the JKU, which was one of the largest exhibitors in upper austria. Take a look for yourself:
Video (currently offline!)
   Thank you for nice encounters and your participation, which made this event a huge success.


21st of April 2016: PhD-student presentations
  Today three of our PhD-students: Sandra Neuhofer, Paul Aigner and Christine Klein presented the progress of their PhD-studies. Those "workshops" are held from time to time in order to train presentation techniques, keep everyone posted on what is being worked on and what the single person is doing all day long ;).
  Sandra Neuhofer held her speech about advances in the SolPol project, the synthesis of melamine-based antioxidants and findings of their application e.g. after compounding.
  Paul Aigner presented the latest results of the work on ZN-catalyst synthesis, catalyst characterisation and polymerisation techniques.
  Christine Klein told us about the efforts of her little friends, halophile bacteries, which build PHB out of gratitude for providing the right conditions and good supply of nutrition.
  Thank you for the presentations and the insight on your research topics.


29.03-01.04.2016: Project Meeting DIMAP

Professor Paulik, Andreas Kreuzer and Annika Wagner attended the DIMAP Project-Meeting in Israel.


14.03-18.03.2016: Bypos 2016

  Three students of the CTO-Institute: Simon Leitner, Sandra Neuhofer and Andreas Kreuzer attended the ByPos conference as well and enriched the list of talks:
  Andreas Kreuzer and Simon Leitner presented a topic they worked on during their master thesis, Sandra Neuhofer talked about melamine based stabilizers. Attached you'll find the abstracts.


15th of March, 2016: Talk of Prof. Christian Paulik at the ByPos 2016

  Professor Paulik had an invited talk at the ByPos 2016 (Bratislava young polymer scientists) in Ždiar (High Tatra - Slovakia). He held the main lecture on the first day about "Polyolefins - dead or still booming".
  For those who want to know more on what they have missed, you'll find the abstract in the link below.

application/pdfAbstract (402KB, Polyolefins - dead or still booming?)

23th of February: Experiments at School
  “Chemistry - all smokes and stinks” that’s the impression lots of people have when talking about chemistry. To show how fascinating chemistry can be, three PhD Students visited the "Neue Mittelschule Eferding Nord" and did experiments together with the 8th graders for one day. We definitely shed some light (and colors) into the mysteries of chemistry.
  Regina, Andrea and Sandra.