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Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

Solpol: Novel pumped and non-pumped collector-systems

Solar-thermal collector systems are currently produced in rather cost-intensive manufacturing processes utilizing a variety of different mostly non-plastics materials. While the world market for non-pumped solar-thermal systems (thermosiphon systems and integrated storage collectors) continuously exhibited extraordinary growth rates over the last ten years, the European solar-thermal market, which is dominated by pumped flat plat collector systems, was found to stagnate or even shrink over the last four years.
Hence, overall objective of the present project SolPol-4/5 is to develop market-competitive pumped and non-pumped solar thermal systems in all-plastic or a hybrid-material design. These novel systems should exhibit the following key-characteristics:

  • high degree of pre-manufactured components and optimized function integration,
  • reduced collector weight and ease of installation (plug & function),
  • high reliability and lifetime,
  • attractive design and appearance, and
  • reduced costs/prices as well as an improved cost/performance ratio.

The part of our institute in this project is the development of new additives (antioxidants, UV-stabilizer) for high performance polyolefins. These are used for the absorber materials and the liner materials for hot-water stores.

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