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UE Sensors and Instrumentation 1

Learning Outcome

This course expands the knowledge of the methods covered in the course „VO Sensors and Instrumentation 1“. The students gain the ability to develop and analyze measurement systems and their circuits as well their measurement uncertainties.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of measurement uncertainty and their statistics
  • Calculation of systematic and statistic measurement uncertainties
  • Analogue computation, calculation of circuits containing operational amplifiers
  • Nonideal properties of operational amplifiers
  • Power measurement in one- and three-phase electric power networks, measurement of reactive power
  • Relaxation oscillators, usage of the TimerChip555
  • Harmonic oscillators including their oscillation condition

Learning Methods and Activities

Examples presented by lecturer, home exercises, two written exams


Two written exams with a maximum of 100 points each
Two home exercises which yield 5 extra points each
In order to pass the course it is required to acquire more than 100 points in total and at least 25 points per written exam.


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