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PR Digital Signal Processing

Learning Outcome

The practical course offers insight into the field of digital signal processing. The main aim is to implement signal processing algorithms on a digital signal processor, while working on a modern hardware hands-on.

Course Content

  • Getting-started with the ADSP-BF537, signal processing fundamentals in Matlab
  • Design and implementation of an FIR filter
  • Design and implementation of an IIR filter in Directform II
  • Design and implementation of an IIR filter with biquad sections
  • Design and implementation of a Hilbert transformator and application in Single-Sideband-Modulation
  • Correlation and Phase measurement with Matlab using audio hardware

Learning Methods and Activities

The practical course comprises six half-day excercises. Students in groups of two work through all of these excercises.
All excercises have to be documented with a (to be submitted) report.


Participation/motivation, documentation of all exercises, written exam


G. Gerstorfer, "Praktikum Digitale Signalverarbeitung", course material (german, refer to bibliography for further references)