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VO Optical Measurement Systems

Learning Outcome

Comprehension of optical measurement methods fort he measurement of photometric quantities as well as different physical quantities as a function of electro-magnetic waves; setup and working principle of optical measurement systems

Course Content

  • Physical basics of radiation
  • Measurement of photometric quantities
  • Photo-electric effects
  • Optical radiation detectors (CCD and PSD sensors)
  • Infrared thermography
  • Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR-spectrometer)
  • Colourmetrics and colour measurement
  • Interferometry (Michelson interferometer)
  • Optical flow measurement (Laser-Doppler anemometry)
  • Distance and contour measurement
  • Fiber-optical sensors
  • Laser speckles

Learning Methods and Activities

Theory presented by lecturer, home exercises, oral final exam


Oral final exam – home exercises have to be handed in during the term


  • Lecture notes: Optische Methoden in der Messtechnik