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PR Optical Methods in Measurement Technology

Learning Outcome

The practical course deepens the understanding for light propagation and its associated phenomena diffraction, refraction, interference, polarization and reflection. The course focuses on measurements relying on those phenomena.

Course Content

  • Laser-Doppler anemometry for contactless measurement of velocities in fluids,
  • Laser-Speckle interferometry for the measurement of small variances in distance,
  • Fourier transformation Spectroscopy for material analysis
  • Laser interferometry is used to measure distances and changes in the refractive index
  • Photoelasticity and birefringence
  • Diffraction gratings
  • Laser vibrometer for measuring vibrations with small amplitudes

Learning Methods and Activities

Lab exercises, lab reports, written final exam


Five reports which are partly written during the course, and a written exam


  • Inst. f. Measurement Technology, "Optische Methoden in der Messtechnik", course material (german, refer to bibliography for more references)
  • Eugene Hecht, "Optik"
  • Joseph W. Goodman, "Introduction to Fourier Optics"