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PR High Precision Measurement Techniques

Learning Outcome

Deepen the knowledge on the topics which are covered in the lecture "High Precision Measurement Techniques". Development of the ability to assess the influence of external and internal sources of interference and noise. Application of techniques for the processing of signals with low SNR.

Course Content

  • Automated measuring utilizing Matlab and GPIB
  • Influence of coupling mechanisms (inductive, capacitive, resistive) on measurement and data circuits
  • Influence of electromagnetic impulses on measurement and data circuits
  • Extraction of low SNR signals via lock-in amplifiers (displacement measurements utilizing a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), evaluating strain gauges, evaluating photo detectors)
  • Measurements utilizing low-noise current amplifiers (large resistances, etc.)

Learning Methods and Activities

Lab exercises, lab reports, entry tests, final exam


Immanent examination situation, additionally short written exams at the beginning of each lab exercise, lab reports, and a written final exam.


  • Lecture notes: Praktikum Präzisionsmesstechnik and references therein