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PR Process Variables Measurement Techniques

Learning Outcome

In the courses Measurement Technology and Instrumentation I and II the process variables temperature, flow rate, preasure/force and acceleration were introduced. In this course, measurement principles for those process variables are investigated and compared, and the suitability of each principle for different applications is analysed. Possible sources of error and disturbing influences are demonstrated.

Course Content

  • Automated measuring utilizing Matlab and GPIB
  • Temperature: establishing a stable temperature standard; calibrating several sensors; experiments with thermocouples
  • Flow rate: conducting flow rate measurement experiments (volume and mass flow rate) with several types of sensors
  • Mechanical quantities: preasure, force and position measurements based on different kinds of sensor principles

For each topic: data acquisition, amplification and signal processing, discussion of sources of errors. Determine sensor type specific uncertainties

Learning Methods and Activities

Lab exercises, lab reports, entry tests, final exam


Immanent examination situation, additionally short written exams at the beginning of each lab exercise, lab reports, and a written final exam.


Lecture notes: Praktikum Prozessmesstechnik and references therein