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KV Simulation Software Tools in Mechatronics

Learning Outcome

Get an overview of the finite element method to numerically solve partial differential equations in the field of electro technic. Comprehend how to transfer the knowledge to other, non-electronic physical processes, e. g. linkage with an equation of motion. The integral parameters, calculated by FEM, are to be implemented in network models to conduct further simulations.

Course Content

This course is split up into three parts. The first one covers mathematical fundamentals for simulating physical field problems (electromagnetic and thermic) and numerically solving them.
The second part introduces the numerical simulation software EleFAnT 2D/3D, where practical examples are implemented (shielding of magnetic fields).
The third part is concerned about simulating electrical circuits by the numerical software tool PSPICE. The theoretic background of all covered software tools is introduced as well.

Learning Methods and Activities

Theory and exercises presented by lecturer.


The exercise part (~50%) of the class requires attendance. Oral and/or written exam or alternatively preparation at home of practical examples and presenting results during the exercise part of the class.


  • Hans Rudolf Schwarz, Methode der finiten Elemente, Teubner Verlag, Stuttgart
  • Claus Kühnel, Schaltungsdesign mit PSPICE, Francis Verlag
  • John Keown, PSPICE and Circuit Analysis, Merill, NY, paperback
  • Andrei Vladimirescu, The SPICE BOOK, John Wiley & Sons, NY