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SE Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing for PhD Students

Learning Outcome

Acquisition of knowledge in digital signal processing and related scientific fields by studying the latest publications in these fields. The topics focus on current scientific publications and vary for each student in accordance to the topic of the doctoral thesis. Thereby the students should gain an overview of scientific areas related to their thesis.

Course Content

The students prepare topics from scientific fields related to their doctoral thesis. Current publications from the following scientific fields can be selected:

  • Mathematical methods of digital signal processing (compressed sensing, wavelet transform,…)
  • Modelling and design of sensors (FEM methods, analytical methods, physical modelling)
  • Modelling of measurement uncertainty (GUM)
  • Methods of theoretical electrical engineering
  • Precision measurement technology
  • Other fields are also covered by this course

Learning Methods and Activities

The students prepare presentations of the selected publications autonomously and give them.


The students perform two presentations of the selected publications and hand in their notes.


  • Is accordingly selected


German, English