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GUI zur Entwicklung und Simulation digitaler Signalverarbeitungsstrukturen unter Berücksichtigung von Anwendungen in der Atomkraftmikroskopie

Stefan Adamsmair

Stefan Adamsmair

Based on a previously implemented software for an AFM (atomic force microscope), which operates in MAC mode (magnetic alternating current mode), a GUI (graphical user interface) was developed. The already existing software was written for the digital signal processor ADSP2181 from Analog Devices to determine concurrently topography and recognition information.

With this GUI it is easy to vary parameters for the just mentioned interface to the cross-compiler. The main focus of the GUI is to easily design filters. There are different design rules for FIR and IIR filters available and it is also possible to import filter coefficients from any source within Matlab. The filter can be analyzed with different kinds of plots like amplitude response or group delay.

To get a better idea how a digital filter works the z-transformed filter can be plotted as a three dimensional surface in the z-domain.

After the design process of the overall system is finished a Simulink model can be automatically created and further analyzed.

This GUI isn't only for the use with an AFM it can also be utilized to design and test single filters or a filter sequences and to simulate them.

July 2005