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Design of a seed counter for a seeder

Stefan Müller

This project was the continuation of the diploma thesis of DI Wilfried Hortschitz, which had the aim to research different types of sensors for seed counting. In cooperation with the companies Pöttinger Landtechnik and Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH two prototypes of seed counters which are compatible to the separation device developed by the company Pöttinger were designed and manufactured. These seed counters should detect different kinds of seeds like rapeseed, corn or wheat and output a TTL-signal for each seed.

The seed counter was realized with two ultrasonic sensors which are arranged on a board together with the power supply circuit, the emitter circuit and the receiver circuit. An aluminum case protects the board from environmental influence like dust, dirt and mechanical stress because the whole device will be operated near the soil.

The whole seed counter was developed as a low-cost product. The material costs of the prototype are 110 Euro and the costs of 1000 pieces of the seed counter are about 60 Euro each.

Figure 1: Position of the seed counter at the seeder

Figure 1: Position of the seed counter at the seeder

Figure 2: The seedcounter in the case

October 9, 2007