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Data logger for a digital linear gauge

Boris Tasevski

Boris Tasevski

The steadily growing usage of integrated circuits, such as microcontrollers and microprocessors, results in major advances in digital signal processing.
Every sensor measures a physical quantity, which is most often converted into a representative electrical signal. Furthermore, the electrical signal can be digitized for an easy data transmission or post-processing.
The usage of data loggers in the digital metrology offers continuous and accurate measurement, storage and processing of information gained from electric or non-electric signals, respectively.
A data logger for the digital linear gauge DG-525 from the vendor Ono Sokki was realized. Subsequently, the measurement data was transmitted continuously by the data logger to the PC. The transmitted data was visualized in real-time via MATLAB.
By consideration of the measurement principle, various DG-525's characteristics (such as drifting of the zero point, hysteresis and linearity) were characterized by measurements. The static parameters that affect the measurements were analysed too.

Realized datalogger by receiving of measurement data.

Figure 1: Realized datalogger by receiving of measurement data.

Keywords: data logger, digital linear gauge, Ono Sokki DG-525, ATMEL, ATMEGA32U4

February 5th, 2015