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Development of a Controller for DC-Servo Linear Stages

Andreas Schmidinger

Andreas Schmidinger

At the Institute for Measurement Technology various experimental set-ups are necessary for research. For those set-ups linear stages are needed often. Due to the fact that the currently used control of this linear motors isn't compatible with modern hardware, a new controller is to be developed in the scope of this thesis.
The developed controller is able to control three linear motors concurrently, thus allowing movements in three different directions. The commands for the controller are sent by MATLAB. This makes it easy to combine the linear axes with other actuators and sensors. Logical inputs and outputs can trigger movements of the linear axes or trigger external components of the experimental set-ups. A tethered remote control allows the user to move the axes manually and arrange the set-up.
Easy start-up and handling are considered in the development process. Furthermore a robust controller for both speed and position is important due to the varying applications of the linear axes.

Figure 1: Two linear stages at the institute

Figure 1: Two linear stages at the institute

Keywords: servo controller, linear servo motor, cascade control, quadrature encoder

August 9th, 2016