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Development of a mobile acceleration sensing device with a datalogger for comfort evaluation in coaches

Michael Schober

Michael Schober

In modern coaches superior comfort levels have been achieved due to technical developments in the automotive sector. As a result of the technical progress, another factor has moved towards the center: the driver and its driving skills. Even though passenger comfort is a subjective perception depending mainly on the passenger, a mobile device for measuring the vehicle acceleration as a reference for the comfort evaluation was developed.
Integrated sensors for acceleration measurements like the InvenSense MPU6050 experienced an increase in popularity benefiting from the smartphone boom. Accordlingly there is a high availability at low prices of these sensor types. The MPU6050 offers a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. In addition it posseses an onboard Digital Motion Processor. This opens the opportunity to use on external microcontrollers like the ATmega32U4 from ATMEL to postprocess the measured acceleration data.
The mobile measurement device also includes a display to offer feedback for the driver and datalogging via a micro-SD card. The assembled prototyp was already tested and showed good results.

Figure 1: Assembled prototyp

Figure 1: Assembled prototyp

Keywords: comfort evaluation, acceleration sensing, datalogger

August 13th, 2015