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Image Processing for Quality Assurance in Coil Logistics (Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schleicher)

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schleicher

This project is done in cooperation between the Institute of Measurement Technology (IMT) and the company Industrie Logistik Linz (ILL).
During the handling of the steel-coils (see Figure 1) it is possible that a coil gets damaged. Due to economical reasons it is important to recognize the type of a damage and when it occurred.

Examples for damages are elliptic coils, scratches and dells on the coil coat, disrupted packaging, and bended coil sheet edges.

Figure 1: A typical coil

In this project a image recognition system should be built up, to determine the deviation between the inspected coil and an ideal coil. Therefore it is necessary to plan the light scene and sensors for the optical acquisition. To detect damages, new and special adapted signal- and image processing algorithms must be developed.


The key topics for the development of the algorithms are:

  • Adaptive thresholding
  • Shape detection and measurement
  • Image segmentation
  • Hough-Transformation
  • Curve and shape fitting
  • Morphologic Operations
  • Image diffusion
  • ...

Aim of the project

After developing the algorithms for test images, the image recognition system should be tested in the storage depot of ILL. Finally the system should be integrated into the existing logistic system. Using such a system it is possible to cancel the delivery of damaged coils, which saves a lot of transport costs.

Industrie Logistik Linz (ILL)  (Neues Fenster)