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Department Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management
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Space for Diversity.

The JKU Month of Diversity in May 2022

There is strength in diversity. Diversity accommodates the plurality of convictions and welcomes different ways of life. People are diverse and colorful, not only giving us new perspectives and opportunities to broaden our horizons, but also to see things in ways we never did before and inspire our creativity.


Why is the JKU focusing on diversity during the entire month of May? What does this have to do with anti-discrimination laws, equal rights, equality, and the EU? Mirjam Strecker spoke about this and more during a recent interview.


Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to learn more about activities across Europe to support diversity.

[Translate to Englisch:] Venus Pathway [Translate to Englisch:] Ein vereinfachtes Diagramm der Umlaufbahn der Venus in Bezug auf die Erde (geozentrische Perspektive). Bild: AnonMoos (Wikimedia Commons), farblich adaptiert (2022).

May Calendar for Diversity Events

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms at the JKU.

Detailed information about the (temporary) change.

The JKU's Diversity Month

Can I re-discover myself? The Office of GDM will address this and more during the upcoming 2022 Long Night of Research!

Workshops and Guided Walks.

Events at the JKU in May and Afterwards.