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Department Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management
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Diverse Holidays in May.

Some days are bitter,
and some are sweet,
some as moist as oysters,
and some as damp as a clam,
"i am what i am", says my vulvae.
Keep your hands off my ars!

Electronic answers flash and glow
on "Orange the World" to go.
Each voice raised we stand taller,
it’s worth the fight, to show one's color.

Some ‘good to know’ -days,
anyway in


  • May 1: International Workers' Day follows Walpurgis Night. Often referred to as May Day in most countries, May Day celebrates workers and the international workers’ movement
  • May 4 - 9: Deaf Awareness Week
  • May 11 - 15: Ice Saints, the only noteworthy "ice saint" is Sophia, stemming from the Greek Σοφία,  "Wisdom". Warmly wrap up your balcony plants!
  • May 13 - 20: Mental Health Awareness Week
  • May 15: International Family Day
  • May 16: Vesak (Pali: Vesākha, Sanskrit: Vaiśākha, Sinhala: වෙසක්), also known as Buddha Day, a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists in south(east) Asia, Tibet and Mongolia. The festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment (Nibbāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha.
  • May 17: International Day: Awareness to combat homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia
  • May 18/19: Lag BaOmer (hebr. לַ״ג בָּעוֹמֶר‎), a Jewish religious holiday, and Chalaka (Hebrew. חלאקה), Upsherin, Upsheren, Opsherin or Upsherinish (Yiddish: אפשערן, lit. "shear off", Judaeo-Arabic: חלאקה, ḥalāqah), a ceremony.
  • May 29: International Day of (UN) Peacekeepers

1 Lat.: Legislating human rights has been taking too long.
2 Lat.:
Now more than ever!