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Department Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management
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The Office of Gender & Diversity at the 2022 Long Night of Research

Can I Re-Discover Myself?

The Office of Gender & Diversity Management at the Long Night of Research on May 20, 2022 between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM.

Try your hand at juggling, test your balancing skills, and try out new things! We have put together activities designed to challenge and encourage your cognitive abilities, coordination skills, and concentration. We have created interactive circle games to experience 'inclusiveness' first-hand as part of a wide variety of groups and learn more about the diversity that is inherent in all of us. In addition, you can "spin-the-wheel" to learn more about various concepts that continue to change our world on a daily basis.


PARTICIPATION is written with a capital "P"! Workshops will be offered every half hour.

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