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Alumni Spotlight.

A Spotlight on Our JKU Alumni

Many JKU graduates still feel closely connected to their alma mater, even long after graduation. We spoke with a few successful JKU alumni in various majors about


  • their memories from their time at university
  • their professional experiences to date,
  • how they meet professional challenges, and
  • any useful tips and advice for JKU students. 

Mag. Cornelia Staub

Photo credit: Doris Prohaska

Major: Social Economics
Position: Marketing and Communications Manager
Company: RISC Software Ltd.


©Doris Prohaska

4 words: In hindsight, too short

The curriculum seemed to be very broad and I felt like I could best discover my strengths, be it in sociology, law, civic studies, or business administration.

I enjoy the challenge of breaking down research-related content or technical information for the "average consumer" and talking about just what my co-workers are doing that is important and exciting. At the same time, I like the fact that marketing and communications is a broad field and I can simply try out a lot of different things.

MMag. Benjamin Behr

Major: Business Informatics, Business Administration
Position: Head of Investments, Authorized Signatory
Company: Unternehmens Invest Aktiengesellschaft


Getting together with fellow students on campus, both in the lecture hall and in the beer garden.

It depends on which company I am at that day. I spend most of my time in Altmünster at our aluminum prototype foundry BEGALOM (approx. 2-3 days a week). I have been the commercial director there since 2015. The day usually starts with a tour of the production facility and talking with co-workers about the current production or planning topics, as well as evaluating key production figures (scrap, productivity) from the previous day. An key part of my day-to.day activities is coordinating with the individual departments regarding production planning and delivery planning, as well as financial control.

My work day at another investee - Pongratz - is mostly scheduled with meetings. I'm usually there one day a week, supporting management at the weekly department head meetings and trying to drive new projects forward.

I spend one day a week at the Vienna office to coordinate our team and catch up on open projects at each company (research, brainstorming, working off tasks, etc.).

I spend the rest of the time at the locations I am needed most at and where I can be more actively involved.

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills to have and yet, also one of the most difficult. Everyone has their own personal needs, fears and passions but you never find these things out directly; instead, in order to support someone's professional development and grow the company, you have to try to get to know what someone wants or is capable of doing. In this regard, a good understanding of human nature and self-reflection are an advantage.

Mag. Magdalena Neuhofer

Major: Diploma degree in Law
Position: Head of the Rector's Office
Company: Johannes Kepler University Linz


[Translate to Englisch:] M. Neuhofer

Be self-confident and courageous in every situation. My personal experience - and also that of many of my friends - is that unfortunately, we women are often not as confident as we should be and less aware of our own strengths and talents so too often, we sell ourselves short. All I can say is: You go, girl!

Even in school, my strengths included reasoning and logical thinking (keywords: my favorite subject was math). I also favor a structured, more precise approach to tasks. This is also what I expected when studying law and why I chose this major. Looking back, I had the right sense of motivation. The JKU's law degree program has an excellent reputation and was a decisive factor in choosing to study in Linz.

I particularly appreciate the variety of responsibilities and the diversity. Each day, I have an opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of projects throughout the university, from introducing new degree programs and construction projects, to developing marketing strategies. Each day is difference and often turns out differently than planned. There is never a dull moment! I also appreciate meeting many interesting people who have interesting and unique backgrounds.

Mag. Susanne Dickstein

Photo credit: OÖN/Weihbold

Major: Commercial Science
Position: Editor-in-Chief
Company: OÖNachrichten


[Translate to Englisch:] Susanne Dickstein

I had been bitten by the media bug since high school so I enrolled in Business to become a business journalist. It's a unique profession: you meet all kinds of different people, you can work independently, and no two days are the same. I still find journalism to be the most exciting profession in the world.

I foster and nurture talent, regardless of anyone's gender. In general, I believe that every company benefits when both women and men take on leadership roles. In this respect, I still see a lot of catching up to do.

The key to success is to make yourself known when opportunities arise. At the same time, I would tell women to speak their minds clearly, especially something important is at stake, especially if they are concerned. Women colleagues should demonstrate this more often, especially toward each other.

Mag. Karina Landlinger BSc

Major: Business Education, Business Administration
Position: Human Resources - Recruiting
Company: Raiffeisenlandesbank of Upper Austria AG


[Translate to Englisch:] Landlinger Karina

I start my work day with a cup of tea or coffee my desk. Checking my e-mails in the morning and responding to initial inquiries is a regular part of the day. We hold team meetings twice a week to address open issues, talk about technical things, and find solutions together. As a recruiter, I spend most of my day meeting interesting people applying for a wide range of jobs at the Raiffeisen Group. I have a very broad range of responsibilities as I am involved in the entire application process ranging from coordinating meetings with managers and HR business partners and writing job ads to final job approval and supporting the employee onboarding process.

I enjoy meeting the interesting people applying for a job at the bank. They have diverse backgrounds and I can talk with them about how their expertise and skills can be applied Raiffeisenbank. The most rewarding moments for me are when we offer someone a position and I can see how happy the applicant is.

My experience has shown that it is important to be yourself and confident, but also down-to-earth. If you can convey your enthusiasm and personal motivation to your counterpart, you lay the foundation to schedule a second interview.

Mag. Barbara Wurzer-Ramsauer

Major: Business Education
Position: Internal audit specialist
Company: Raiffeisenbank of St. Pölten Ltd.


[Translate to Englisch:] Wurzer-Ramsauer

When I started college, I had already been working for five years, three of those years in the field of internal auditing. At that time, I decided to study Business Education to broaden my professional horizons without having to give my job up. One of the things I wanted to learn was how to get to the heart of complicated issues and to convey them in a clear, concise way. While I did not really have a specific career goal at that time, I did want to make sure I would have a certain degree of independence and responsibility for whatever I decided to do in the future.

A good work day definitely starts with a good cup of coffee and talking with the team. After that, the agenda consists of initial auditing activities and answering questions or providing consulting services via mail, phone, or virtually.

I appreciate the diverse, and sometimes challenging, nature of what I do. My job gives me an opportunity to talk with many different kinds of people, especially co-workers and my mentor, on both a personal and professional level. Personally, I find the combination very enriching and motivating.