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Our Common Denominator.

Keep the Spirit Alive.

We are proud of our members' diversity and proud of our students and graduates.

Studying is at the heart of the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Regardless of what everyone does professionally and what personl interests they pursue, the JKU and the JKU Alumni Club is the common denominator.

Become involved in the JKU Alumni Club! When we grow, does our expertise and strength. Each new member contributes something unique and together, the potential is limitless!

Stefanie Schauer


Mitgliederwerbekampagne - Frau Schauer
Managing Director Offisy
Member since 2008

Why am I a member?

I am a member because when I was a student, I took advantage of the various services and I find the network unique.

What keeps me connected to the Johannes Kepler University Linz?

The JKU Alumni Club keeps me in touch with the JKU ;-) as well as with many interesting students. 3 JKU students currently work at my company.

Robert Kriechhammer


Mitgliederwerbekampagne - Herr Kriechhammer
WSS Vermögensmanagement GmbH
Member since 2006

Why am I member?

In retrospect, college is an important time in one's life and looking back, it's a short period. Even years after graduating, the JKU Alumni Club has managed to not only be a place to capture memories, but it is also a place to meet up now and develop professionally in the future.

What keeps me connected to the Johannes Kepler University Linz?

study|party|eat|repeat :-)

Karl Weixelbaumer


Mitgliederwerbekampagne - Herr Weixelbaumer
Member since 2014

Why am I a member?

Because I support our university and the JKU Alumni Club is an opportunity to stay close and connected to the JKU.

What keeps me connected to the Johannes Kepler University Linz?

The best time of my life and the number of cool people I had the opportunity to meet. I made countless friends that also formed the basis for our company.
I enjoyed it so much that I studied for 19 semesters; I am proud to be an integral part of our beautiful campus via the Teichwerk, even after graduation.