Internationalization at the JKU Business School.

Internationalization at the JKU Business School means integrating an international, intercultural and global dimension into the goals, teaching and learning, research and service areas of the business school. It focuses on three stakeholder groups: students, faculty and staff.

The JKU Business School’s vision of being “a regionally embedded academic hub with an international orientation” lays out the path for internationalization. Based on the strategic priority “Live international orientation and mobility in the service of the research and business communities”, investing in international orientation and the mobility of faculty, students and staff is essential for the success of the JKU Business School. International research and teaching activities are a core pillar of the vision and a strategic priority for the JKU Business School.

A professional and dedicated international team, led by the Associate Dean of Internationalization, Prof. Robert Breitenecker, strives to implement the internationalization strategy of the JKU Business School.

Acquiring international accreditation is imperative to the success of the Business School and set as a goal. Strong international partnerships are fundamental to building global connections and by linking different perspectives and expertise, they add immense value to research and teaching - also from an internationalization perspective. The JKU Business School is committed to being a part of the worldwide academic community as well as having an equally important link to the local region.


Partner Universities

General Management

STUST - Taiwan

ESC - Troyes

Global Business

NSYSU, Taiwan

UVIC, Canada

PUCP, Peru

HSE, Russia
UniBG, Italy


„The Master's in Global Business produces graduates who can be deployed internationally in a variety of management roles and whose intercultural skills and cultural experiences make them ideally suited as future leaders. The structure and integrated mobility phases, where students are part of an international student cohort, set this master's program apart from others.“
Robert Breitenecker
Global Business Program Director & Dean of International Engagement