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Funded FFG project: ZERO Emission Roll-Out – Cold Chain Distribution

Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0

Funded cooperative R & D project “Zero Emission Roll-Out - Cold Chain Distribution”. The project has an experimental character and the following goals:

Using the case study of fresh food delivery, the use of electric temperature-controlled vehicles will be demonstrated experimentally on two different types of e-LCVs. 

Sensors and interconnected data collection form the base of digitalization and automation of traffic systems.  The Chair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0. project covers these fields on several levels. It examines sensor deployment, simulated application scenarios based on automation and communication (e.g. vehicle to vehicle communication in platooning) as well as the impact of these technologies on emissions reduction and sustainable development. These many areas produce a systemic and holistic coverage of the research field of digitalization and automation in the transport and mobility system that include aspects from transport, planning, and communication technologies. These interconnected relationships have a strong relevance for potential future developments in terms of transport demand, land use, resource consumption and employment.

An important tool for this research is the "3DCoAutoSim: Simulator for Cooperative ADAS and Automated Vehicles" simulation platform that includes connectivity and automation capabilities. It has been developed for the last years under the supervision of Prof. Olaverri-Monreal and since the existence of the Chair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0. further extended  at the JKU in Linz.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Cristina Olaverri-Monreal


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