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Prof. Elisabeth Berger, head of Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Prof. Gudrun Sproesser, head of Dept. of Health Psychology, held their inaugural lectures.

Prof. Berger and Prof. Sproesser

Although it has been over two years since Elisabeth Berger came to the JKU, she now had the opportunity to present her research to a large audience consisting of JKU faculty members and members of the public. She referenced the use of the ecosystem metaphor to help the audience better understand geographical agglomerations of entrepreneurial activity and presented some insight into her research, such as limited diversity and entrepreneurship stereotypes within ecosystems. The lecture and discussion concluded with recommendations on how to further develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Upper Austria.

Gudrun Sproesser’s inaugural lecture focused on current developments and approaches in the field of health psychology. She first presented her research aimed at providing a better understanding of normal eating behavior which could help counteract a rise in the number of chronic, non-communicable diseases. Second, she presented findings that point toward how to help people make better informed choices when it comes to sustainable eating. Last, she shed light on questions regarding how technological developments impact health behavior and how new technologies can be applied to assess and support healthier behaviors.



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