Publications at the JKU Business School.

The JKU Business School is a platform for management-relevant research at the JKU. Current research results are published in international journals. Below is a list of selectied publications by the supporting institutes of the JKU Business School:

Publications in SSCI Journals


Hiebl M.:
Sample Selection in Systematic Literature Reviews of Management Research, in Organizational Research Methods, Vol. in press, 2021


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Learning Foreign Language Vocabulary with Gestures and Pictures Enhances Vocabulary Memory for Several Months Post-Learning in Eight-Year-Old School Children, in Educational Psychology Review, 2020


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Using quotations from non-English interviews in accounting research, in Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, Vol. in press, 2020


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Key factors in the start-up phase of collaborative foresight, in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2020


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Microphones, not megaphones: Functional crowdworker voice regimes on digital work platforms, in Human Relations, 2020


Grüb-Martin B., Martin S.:

Intensive WOM-behavior in the healthcare sector – the case of an Austrian hospital’s Facebook site, in International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, Serie in press, 2020


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Non-family managers in family firms: review, integrative framework and future research agenda, in Review of Managerial Science, 2020


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Ein systematischer Überblick über die Wertrelevanzforschung zum Fair Value Accounting im Finanzdienstleistungssektor, in BFuP 4/2020, Seite(n) 363-390, 2020


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Spillover effects of government initiatives fostering entrepreneurship on the access to bank credit for entrepreneurial firms in Europe, in Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 62, Nr. 101603, 2020


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Survey Response Rates in Family Business Research, in European Management Review, Vol. in press, 2020


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Augmenting the urban place brand – On the relationship between markets and town and city centres, in Journal of Business Research, 2019


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Business model patterns for 3D printer manufacturers, in Journal of Manufacturing Technology, 2019


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When the petting zoo swans into monsters: open dialogue and venture´s legitimacy quest in crowdfunding, in Innovation: Organization and Management, 2019


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Organizing and Implementing Export Pricing: Performance Effects and Moderating Factors, in Journal of International Marketing, 2019


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Depth of Encoding Through Observed Gestures in Foreign Language Word Learning, in Frontiers in Psychology, 2019


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Embodied Learning: Why at School the Mind Needs the Body, in Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 10, 2019


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Trust, control and knowledge transfer in small business networks, in Review of Managerial Science, Springer, Seite(n) 267-301, 2019


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Here there be Dragons, a Pre-roadmap Construct for IoT service infrastructure, in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2019


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Publications in SCI-Expanded Journals


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Multi-criteria test cases selection for model transformations, in Automated Software Enigineering, Springer, 2020


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