Research Grants.

The JKU Business School set conducting impactful and interdisciplinary research as a top priority. Drawing on the strengths of the institutes supporting the Business School and the promotion of opportunities for cooperation with other schools, faculties and research institutions is a unique opportunity to make significant contributions to university research at the national and international level. A list of projects conducted by supporting institutes of the JKU Business School can be found below.

Christian Doppler Laboratories (CD Labs)

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG Projects)

Ongoing Projects

Concluded Projects

A Digital Platform for Harnessing Informal Skills in the Volunteer Sector

Cäcilia Innreiter-Moser

Institute of Organization Science

Duration: 01.10.2018 - 30.09.2020


AgriProKnow - Information Management in Precision Dairy Farming

Michael Schrefl

Institute of Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge Engineering

Duration: 01.11.2015 - 31.01.2018


Conception of a process model for the replacement of enterprise resource planning systems of the second and third generation based on empirical studies with Austrian companies in the manufacturing sectors

Stefan Koch

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik - Information Engineering

Duration: 01.02.2018 - 31.07.2018


Delivery on Demand

Wolfgang Narzt

Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering

Duration: 01.04.2017 - 31.12.2018


DiCoIN - Digitally Connected Industry Network

Wolfgang Narzt

Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering

Duration: 01.10.2017 - 31.03.2019


Generic Data Integration Platform for the Physical Internet

Wolfgang Narzt

Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering

Duration: 01.10.2018 - 30.09.2020

Additional Information: SE Research Project


Pinpoll Analytics

Martin Stabauer

Institute of Digital Business

Duration: 01.05.2017 - 31.07.2019


User Feedback in ERP Systems

Iris Groher

Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering

Duration: 01.12.2017 - 31.05.2018


Zero Emission Roll-Out - Cold Chain Distribution. FFG Zero Emission Mobility – 1st Call

Cristina Olaverri-Monreal

Chair for Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0

Duration: 01.10.2019 - 31.03.2021

EU Funded Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Concluded Projects

„JKU Linz is a perfect place to perform application-oriented as well as basic research by moving from industrial practice to theory and vice versa.“
Manuel Wimmer
Business Informatics Program Director