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Re-Thinking Education: The JKU Business School.

Fast Trader or Fair Trader? Local or international? The answer is AND. The JKU Business School supports the ability to think outside of the box and make contacts and connections. You need a sense of curiosity and the courage to create innovative solutions.

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Unique Degree Programs

Whether it's global business and finance & accounting or business informatics, you benefit from exchange programs conducted together with international partner universities abroad.

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Darstellung Gegensatzpaar "Be a Rationalist", "Be an Emotionalist"

You're Not Just a Number

Individual support instead of anonymity among the masses. A low student-faculty ratio ensures that you work together with top researchers - and they also take time for you.

Darstellung Gegensatzpaar "Be a Localist", "Be a Globalist"

The Future Has Already Begun

The JKU Business School provides you with the expertise you need benefit from key areas of our time - digitization and sustainability.

Darstellung Gegensatzpaar "Be a Generalist", "Be a Specialist"

Study at the JKU Business School

You want to think outside of the box, are curious, and have what it takes to search for innovative solutions? Then study at the JKU Business School!