The dry spell has to (eventually) come to an end!

JKU Campus Reopening.

Finally enjoying a frosty beer on tap, chatting with friends & co-workers and listening to live music. Isn't that what we've been waiting for?

Tired of the lockdown and social distancing and can't wait to party again? Savor the anticipation and sign up now for the JKU Campus Reopening. In cooperation with Linzer Bier, the JKU wants to invite you and a friend to the first campus party of the year!


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It could happen anywhere at any time! Naturally we hope it happens sooner rather than later so as soon as we get the word, 2 days before the event we will post information about the date, location, and time!

Unfortunately, registration for this event has closed. Our fingers are crossed for those who entered the drawing to win a spot at the event!!


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