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corona - CORONA - corona  In accordance with mandates and policies issed by the Austrian federal government beginning November 21, 2021 (stay-at-home orders), the following rules and regulations apply to all USI sports classes:

Entering ANY sports facilities is prohibited and we must suspend all classes until further notice. The USI Fitness Studio & Gym will remain CLOSED. We will try to continue as many courses ONLINE as we can. Detailed information is available in the course instructors' e-mails and directly on the website by the courses under "course search".

USI Covid Concept

Do you want to bring more movement to your life?

– over 150 USI courses are waiting for you!


Each semester, the University Sports Institute (USI) organizes and offers over 150 different, very affordable sports and exercise classes ranging from conventional sports and the latest trends in fitness and well-being to more relaxed exercise programs. In addition to honing athletic skills, courses support and encourage communication and staying fit and healthy.

We welcome:

  • Students and employees from universities, universities of applied sciences, and teacher training colleges
  • Adult age school students in Matura classes
  • Alumni
  • Any open spots after registration are open to the general public

In addition to courses taught by professional instructors, we organize a series of local competitions for all athletic levels (taking part is what counts) and we offer many attractive outdoor activities (Get me outside!).

In addition, the new gym is located in Kepler Hall on campus (create a personal fitness program).

Find out what the University Sports Institute has to offer in our new compact brochure (PDF).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


USI Office


JKU / Kepler Hall
Altenbergerstr. 69
4040 Linz


This is how it works:


The USI offers approximately 150 courses each semester. Click on the complete course search to learn more and find individual courses and information (location, times, costs, content etc.) or conduct an advance search for these categories:


Sign Up

You will have to register when signing up for the first time. JKU employees are automatically registered. All others can register at the USI office at the same time as signing up for classes or beforehand via e-mail. Click here for additional information about signing up.

JKU Employees

Students and JKU employees are automatically registered and after entering the registration number, you can request the password here and book USI courses from the start of the online registration (see course registration).

The registration numbers are as follows:

  • Students: Student ID Number (omit the "k")
    Note: The student ID number must be 8 digits! If you have an older student ID number, add a "0" in the front.
  • Employees: Austrian social insurance number (10 digits), or, if preferred, the first 4 letters of your last name and 6-digit date-of-birth.

Dates and Registration

Courses offered by the USI at the JKU are generally open to all adults. First preference will be given to university-affiliated persons as follows:

Registration for

Semester 2020/2021

Summer Semester 2021
University-affiliated persons age 17+ (students and employees) at universities and universities of applied sciences beg. 25.9.2020 beg. 19.2.2021
University alumni, and Matura class school students beg. 30.9.2020 beg. 24.2.2021
Allocation of all available spots - open to all (must be of adult age) beg. 5.10.2020 beg. 1.3.2021

You can pay the course fee either in cash at the USI office or onlineusing a credit card or online banking services. See the Info Box (upper right) for USI office hours.

Additional Important Information:

  • Participants must register for courses before the course officially begins. Class participation cards are non-transferable.
  • Due to safety protocols in lieu of the current pandemic, prospective participants can no longer sit in on a class session before signing up.
  • Participants have until October 23 (Winter Semester 2020/2021) or March 19, 2021 (Summer Semester 2021) to drop a class (in person or by phone).
  • If you choose to drop or withdraw from a course, the fee will not be refunded.

Schedule for USI Sports Classes

Here you can find information about when courses begin. Individual courses can start later or end sooner. Check the course search for a course's exact starting and end date(s).

Winter Semester 2020/2021

Courses Start Monday, October 5
Courses End Sunday, January 31


Classes will not be held on the following days:


Monday, November 2

All Souls Day

Monday, December 21 to Wednesday, January 6

Christmas Break

Summer Semester 2021

Courses Begin Monday, March 1

Courses End

Wednesday, June 30


Classes will not be held on the following days: 


Monday, March 29, to Saturday, April 10 Easter Break

Tuesday, May 4

Patron Saint Day
Tuesday, May 25 Pentecost Break
Friday, June 4 Rector's Day

Course Fees

There are three prices for each course (Tariff 1 / Tariff 2 / Tariff 3):

  Many Courses More Time-Consuming Courses
Tariff 1 € 14.00 € 18.00
Tariff 2 € 21.00 € 27.00
Tariff 3 € 28.00 € 36.00

NOTE: Courses that have special conditions may be subject to special fees.

See below to find the price that applies to you:

Tariff 1:

  • Degree-seeking students from Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences under age 30,
  • Employees from the JKU or the Linz University of Art & Design under the age of 30,
  • Students in secondary-level Matura classes

Tariff 2:

  • Degree-seeking students from Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences age 30+
  • Employees from the JKU or the Linz University of Art & Design age 30+

Tariff 3:

  • Applies to all others (i.e. alumni, external individuals)

The tariffs cover the course participation fee for the entire semester. The number of dates is limited for short courses.

Canceling up to 30% of the scheduled course dates do not mean an aliquot refund of the fees. If a course must be canceled completely due to a low number of participants, for example, course fees will be refunded.

Course Locations

Click here to view a list of our course locations, including a map.

Many USI courses take place in school buildings that have a strict NO SMOKING policy on school premises, regardless of being indoors or outdoors.


Participation in events and the use of USI facilities and equipment are generally subject to one’s own risk and by mutual agreement that the USI or the other facility owners are not liable in cases of accidents or theft.

We ask that course participants be aware of and participate within his/her own individual physical capacity. Before participating in general physical activity, we recommend consulting with your own physician or health care specialist and following his/her advice. Please be considerate towards others. Accidents will be considered as recreational accidents for which you will be solely responsible for

Reserve the Football Pitch and Beach Volleyball Court

The new Football Pitch and Beach Volleyball Court on campus can be booked now! Just follow the booking links and find a slot that fits your schedule.

The soccer field cannot be used at the moment due to current turf conditions. We can re-open when the weather is better! We apologize for any inconvenience!

If you have any questions, contact us by sending an e-mail to:


It's How You
Play The Game

Take Part In A Competition!

Take Me Away!

Outdoor Sports, Sport Weeks, Camps

Instructors Wanted!

Our trainers and coaches are our most important asset and we are always interested in qualified applications for new or existing courses! Apply by sending us an e-mail, a written application, or call us. If there is no current demand for your area of expertise, we will keep your application on file and contact you if a course option becomes available.

Currently we are looking for a coach/trainer for:

  • Volleyball

The JKU Wins GOLD at European Beach Volleyball Championships

JKU students Florian Schnetzer and Peter Eglseer won gold at the 2019 European Beach Volleyball Championships for Students in Koper (Slovenia).

Team photo: Peter Eglseer (JKU, first from the right) and Florian Schnetzer (JKU, second from the right). The two other volleyball players from the University of Graz were part of a second Austrian team.

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