The JKU University Symphonic Orchestra.

Whether rock, pop, classical music or contemporary compositions - the JKU symphonic University Orchestra and the Kepler Wind Orchestra has space for just about every musical note - and musicians.

University Orchestra

The 70-strong University Symphonic Orchestra includes both amateur and professional musicians from the university community, including current and former JKU faculty members, employees, students, and alumni. Some orchestra members study music or an instrument at the neighboring Anton Bruckner Private University or are local music school teachers. Under the direction of Christian Radner, the orchestra rehearses weekly and performs three to four symphony concerts annually.

University Orchestra

of the Johannes Kepler University Linz


Christian Radner


Kepler Wind Orchestra

Brass music is deeply rooted in Upper Austria and well represented among students at the Johannes Kepler University. Many JKU students play brass instruments and after receiving countless requests to join the orchestra, conductor Christian Radner decided to create a new ensemble in 2017. Music by the newly created 60-strong brass band bursts with energy and enthusiasm, taking the ensemble’s musical potential and direction to bold and exciting heights.

Interested in Joining the Orchestra?

Just get in touch with our conductor, Christian Radner, to give him your musical CV and learn about upcoming rehearsals and concerts.  Enhance your musical experience as part of the wind orchestra or the university orchestra. The university orchestra has over 35 years of concert experience, playing at festivities such as the annual JKU University Ball.

JKU students who actively play an instrument in the University Orchestra will earn 3 ECTS credits per semester to count toward fulfilling autonomous coursework requirements. There are no grades but if there were, you would surely have top marks! Interested?