Summer Program.

For kids ages 6 to 12 years old

August 5 to 30, 2019

Registration Deadline

  • By no later than July 15, 2019
  • Sign up by sending an e-mail (include parent's names, child's name, childcare days,..)

General Information

  • Complete or review the registration form (on the first day)
  • Children will need a backpack as well as a snack and a drink!
  • The meeting point is always at 8.00 AM
  • Weather-appropriate clothing required (sunscreen, had,sturdy shoes,…)
  • Please inform yourself if your child requires anything additional
  • The activities and excursions vary so parents must book for the whole day (7:45 AM to 3:30 PM)


Flexible Child
Care at the JKU


Aubrunnerweg 5, Ground Floor, 4040 Linz

Hours from August 5-30, 2019

Mon-Thurs: 7.45 AM - 3.30 PM
Fri: 7.45 AM - 12.00 PM


+43 732 2468 1268
+43 664 80 765 1569

2019 Program

Have fun choosing and we look forward to seeing you!






Aug. 5 - 9

Spiders, the Incas

Biology Center
"Put Your Feelers Out"

Nature Walk

Learning about Animals

Playground, Arts & Crafts

Aug. 12 - 16
Movement & Exercise

KIDSYoga Linz



Style in Motion


Playground, Arts & Crafts

Aug. 19 - 23


Kidsversity Meets the Uni Orchestra


Kidsversity Meets the Uni Orchestra


Kidsversity Meets the Uni Orchestra

Hobby Kabinett
Pottery &


Kidsversity Meets the Uni Orchestra

Playground, Arts & Crafts

Aug. 26 - 30

JKU Workshop

Understanding Nature

JKU Workshop

Learn about Computer Science

JKU Workshop

What is Criminal Law?

JKU Workshop


Playground, Arts & Crafts

Program is subject to change!

Program Details


A hike through Upper Austria's oldest nature reserve will lead us directly to alpaca pastures. Surrounded by one of man's oldest farm animals, we will learn amazing things about these landscape conservationists and their unique fiber. Starting with the fleece of the gentle and curious small alpacas, we spin a thread using a hand spindle. And like the shepherds in the Andes, we weave the thread directly on the pasture with the help of a hip weaving frame.

In the wildly romantic Pesenbach valley, at the forest bath in Bad Mühllacken, we go on a short, steep ascent to admire the diversity of the Mühlviertel's oldest nature reserve and collect "treats" for our alpacas and their foals when we get to their pasture. As part of the herd, we delve into the impressive world of alpacas and vividly experience how not only the diversity of species is preserved by keeping grazing animals, but also how they play a role in preserving our cultural landscape.

We always observe the herd's fascinating social behavior, especially the way the mother alpacas treat their young. Alpacas are not wild animals - they have lived with humans for thousands of years and enjoy our presence. With their large eyes and engaging nature, they charm both children and adults alike.

Alpacas have always been bred for their unique fiber. Together, we will try to spin a "fleece of the gods", as the Incas called it, using an original hand spindle to make thread and then weave the thread into a fabric.

Biology Center Linz
"Out Your Feelers Out!“ – Snails in all of their Glory

Snails seem to have a bad image these days, especially known more as slimy, uninvited garden guests. But there are more than just one type a gluttonous species of snail in the world. A wealth of shapes and colours on snail and shell shells inspired earlier collectors and conchylien cabinets. The Biology Center's scientific collection (the second largest collection in Austria) provides an important base for animal protection and evolutionary research. These exhibition topics offer an aesthetic insight into the working world of science. The life of the snails in the most amazing habitats with unknown and hidden behaviors is showcased through small dioramas. For garden lovers we have tips against the voraciousness of a few species at the Ecopark.

Nature Hike

Nature experts will whisk us away to learn about the secret world of plants and get closer to nature by organizing various activities, going on hikes and looking at materials.

  • Wear weather-proof hiking clothes and good, sturdy shoes
  • Maximum number of participants: 7


Colorful butterflies fly through the air like glowing gemstones. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that butterflies were once inconspicuous little caterpillars. Using a magnifying glass, we'll look for the typs of plants that serve as food for various butterflies and moths. During this excursion we will observe the beauty of the caterpillar world, recreate its development and see how plants defend themselves against these "hungry plant eaters". If there are too many "hungry mouths" to feed, plants are also capable of definding themselves in a variety of ways, proving once again that nature has thought of just about everything. During this excursion through the different butterfly habitats, we - pretending to be butterflies - will search for suitable plants for our offspring and imagine ourselves to be caterpillars. Children can also make a butterfly picture out of natural materials or fly around the meadow as butterflies once they have learned about the lives of caterpillars and butterflies. Maybe toward the end, there will be an exciting butterfly story.


What is YOGA and why do you do it? This yoga workshop gives the kids the opportunity to experience a different kind of sport program. The kids discover yoga through fun games, upright posture exercises, group dynamic collaboration, yoga asanas (yoga postures), concentration and relaxation exercises, and much more.

  • Maximum of 8-15 children


The one-day climbing program in Urfahr features professional climbing instructors who will start off teaching the children the basics. This introductory course focuses on the subject of responsibility through targeted exercises and types of technology and discovering their own limits as well as learning coordination exercise related to climbing.

  • Maximum of 12 children

Hobby Kabinett Töpfern

Drachen, Elefanten, Kugeln oder Schüsseln werden wir aus Ton kreativ und professionell herstellen. Unter der Anleitung von Frau Eder wird uns das Töpfern ein Schritt näher gebracht. Danach werden die Kunstwerke gebrannt, lackiert und natürlich mit nach Hause genommen.

  • Ausrüstung: Kleidung die schmutzig werden kann.
  • Maximale Kinderanzahl: 15 Kinder

Dance "Style in Motion"

Project "Kidsversity Meets The University Orchestra"

From August 19-23, 2019, children in the Kidsversity summer program (ages 6-12 years old) can learn more about sounds and colors by painting to the works of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" and learning about university orchestra instruments. The children's artworks will be displayed on November 21, 2019 during the University Orchestra's anniversary concert in the Brucknerhaus.

Understanding Nature

Why is it easier for some plants - such as cabbage, nasturtium, reeds and lotus flowers - to easily care for their leaves? Why are butterfly and dragonfly wings and insect shells immune to pollution? Because their surfaces are waterproof, water rolls off and leaves and surfaces clean themselves. Come to our workshop if you want to know how nature manages to use water to wash away dirt and bacteria.

Learn about Computer Science 

By looking at a variety of everyday topics, we will playfully drive into the world of computer science and learn about the concepts behind computers, tablets and smartphones. Those interested in computer science - even those who are not as interested - can discover how and where we find informatic or computational thinking in everyday life. At various stations, you will learn about basic computer science concepts such as algorithms, coding or encryption

Institute for Criminal Law - what is that exactly?

Why can't someone rob a bank? And what happens if someone does? Kids will learn why criminal law even exists and why criminals - aside from bank robberies - can end up in prison. We will then hold a mock trial where kids have an opportunity to slip into the role of a judge, a prosecutor or a defense lawyer. We can also visit the Juridicum law library and look at a treasure trove of old books.


Institute for International Management

The world is colorful place with intercultural cooperation and international business

The program aims is to introduce children to international cultures, especially in a business context. Children learn about culture in management (through games about stereotypes and cultural dimensions) and learn how an "international economy" works. We will read a short story about how a T-shirt is made or how chocolate is made, where raw materials come from, etc. Details will be available shortly.

Fees & Costs

Price Per Day € 25
Week Price Monday - Thursday* € 75
Week Price Monday - Friday* € 93

*valid when present for the entire day, otherwise the day price will be charged.

Price includes:

  • 2-course menu
  • Arts & crafts materials
  • Entrance fees
  • Transportation (public transportation)


  • If school-age children are to be released without being picked up by a parent, please provide written authorization by a parent or guardian.
  • Early pick-up beginning at 3 pm is possible. Please notify the caregivers.

Cancellation Policy

  • Notify the caregivers in writing regarding any cancellations no later than 5 working days before the start of the activity, otherwise parents are subject to paying the fee.
  • In the event of illness, please provide a doctor's note.