Summer Program.

For kids between the ages of 6 and 12

July 31 - August 25, 2023

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  • Sign up by sending an e-mail between February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023
  • Please sign up in writing by sending an e-mail, and include a confirmation of enrollment or comfirmation of employment at the JKU.
  • Form: Registration form for the Summer Program, opens a file
  • In order to be eligible for the student/employee rate, JKU students and employees are asked to provide confirmation of enrollment or employment. Failure to provide this information will result in being subject to pay the same fee as those who are not affiliated with the JKU.

General Information

  • Send the registration form, opens a file between February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023 to the Kidsversity e-mail address.
  • The children will need a backpack containing a snack, something to drink, and a face mask!
  • The meeting point is always at 8.00 AM, on some days it could be 7:45 AM
  • Please provide weather-appropriate clothing (sunscreen, hat, good walking shoes,…)
  • Please take note of information posted about what to bring
  • In consultation with a caregiver, children can be picked up starting at 2:00 PM.


Flexible Childcare
at the JKU


The basement area in the Hochschulfond Building,

Hours between July 31 - August 25, 2023

Mon-Thurs: 7.45 AM - 3.30 PM
Fri: 7.45 AM - 12.00 PM


+43 732 2468 1268
+43 664 80 765 1569

Sample 2022 Program (the program for 2023 is currently being organized)

Calendar Week









Ausflug zur Polizei

(A Visit to the Police Station)




Ausflug zur Feuerwehr

(A Visit to the Fire Station)


Freies Spiel, spazieren, basteln

(Outdoor play, walking, arts & crafts)





Detektive in und um das Museum

(Be a Detective at the Museum)


(Scavenger Hunt)


Wald Workshop

(Forest Workshop)

Freies Spiel, spazieren, basteln

(Outdoor play, walking, arts & crafts)




Ausflug ins Ars Electronica

(A Visit to the Ars Electronica Museum)

Besuch bei den Alpakas

(A Visit to the Alpacas)


Freies Spiel, spazieren, basteln

(Outdoor play, walking, arts & crafts)


Wald Workshop

(Forest Workshop)


(Scavenger Hunt)

Es fliegt, es fliegt
(All About Birds)

Exit the Room

Freies Spiel, spazieren, basteln

(Outdoor play, walking, arts & crafts)

Additional information about the program

The children will have an opportunity to visit police headquarters in Linz and learn about everyday life in the police force.

Children should be more aware of some of the potential dangers in life early on in order to better recognize dangerous situations.

That means:

more aware of road traffic,

more aware of dangerous situations.

The children will spend the day at the Urfahr climbing park where professional climbing instructors will introduce the children to climbing. As part of the introductory course, the children will not only learn about responsibility by means of specific exercises and types of techniques, they will have an opportunity to push themselves and test their coordination through a series of exercises.

  • Maximum number of children: 12



In addition to learning, the children will also focus on understanding more about a sense of community, social interaction, and the joy of helping and being active.
During this visit to a fire station, the children learn about the important role that community service plays in a society, camaraderie, and how people train to work successfully as part of a team.
It will also be a lot of fun!

Dragons, elephants, globes, or bowls: Under the guidance of Mrs. Eder, we will work with clay and learn more about the art of pottery. The childrens' works of art will be fired, painted, and, of course, taken home.

  • Please dress the children in clothes that they can get dirty.
  • Maximum number of children: 15

These workshops at the Lentos Danube Studio creatively explore a selected theme in the current exhibition while also taking part in hands-on activities. The hands-on activities are diverse, ranging from painting, portrait drawing, and object art, to creative writing and performance elements. The workshop programs intensively explore a particular artistic approach (i.e., portrait painting, surreal methodology) to unlock the participants' individual creative potential, and encourage a proactive approach to modern and contemporary art.

The children will take an adventurous walk outdoors in a park or through a forest to answer questions and solve riddles in order to find a hidden treasure.

There will be a selection of forest games to choose from: Forest gallery, build a marble run, explore ground animals, "Bockerl" target throwing and bouncing, darts, make pan flutes, forest dominoes and a tree memory game, sensory exercises such as stalking, eagle eye, sound land map.

Birds are fascinating: Be it their song, their acrobatic flying skills, or their migratory feats. However, it is not always easy for man and birds to co-exist. The exhibition at the Schlossmuseum in Linz draws attention to the state of our bird world and biodiversity as part of our country's rich natural heritage.

Birds are an infallible gauge of environmental quality, especially of the state of the landscape and its habitats. As bioindicators, they are sensitive to both natural and man-made changes.

A hike through one of Upper Austria's oldest nature reserves takes us directly to an alpaca herd pasture. Surrounded by one of man's oldest farm animals, we learn amazing things about these unique landscape keepers and fiber animals. We will spin a thread from the fleece of these gentle and curious small camels using a hand spindle. And just like shepherds in the Andes, we will weave the thread directly on the pasture with the help of a hip weaving frame.
The meeting point is in the rugged and picturesque Pesenbach valley, at the forest pool in Bad Mühllacken. There is a short, steep climb during which we can enjoy the diversity of Mühlviertel's oldest nature reserve and collect "goodies" for our alpacas and their foals in the pasture. As part of the herd, we are immersed into the fascinating world of alpacas, experiencing the preserved biodiversity through grazing animal husbandry first-hand as well as learning about the importance of perserving our cultural landscape.

Exhibitions today at the Ars Electronica Center are all about the future, especially different technological advancements and how they impact art, society, and each of us individually. The children can take part in unique hands-on exhibitions where they use their senses to explore, experiment, and experience new things.

... learn through experience!
Visual aids and on-site experts give the children a special, exciting guided tour where they will hear stories and get information they would otherwise not learn about during a regular visit to the zoo.

Your apprenticeship with the powerful sorcerer, Tambeldor, is ending but you need to pass the final exam. Unfortunately, just before the exam, an evil magician catches your master during a weak moment and almost destroys him. During his last breaths, Tambeldor tells you that you only have a brief amount of time to make a survival potion otherwise he's done for. Can you do it? Do you have the courage and expertise it would take to save the master?

Fees & Costs

Fees for JKU Students and JKU Employees Fees             
Price per day € 25.00
Four-day week* € 75.00
Five-day week* € 93.00

*valid only by those in full attendance, otherwise subject to the daily fee.

Fess for those not affiliated with the JKU Fees   
Price per day € 35.00
Four-day week* € 100.00
Five-day week* € 135.00


The price includes the following:

  • 2-course menu
  • Arts & crafts materials

In order to be eligible for the student/employee rate, JKU students and employees are asked to provide confirmation of enrollment or employment . Failure to provide this information will result in being subject to pay the same fee as those who are not affiliated with the JKU.

Spaces will be offered primarily to those affiliated with the JKU.


  • If school-age children are to be released without being picked up by a parent, please provide written authorization by a parent or guardian.
  • Early pick-up beginning at 1 pm is possible. Please notify the caregivers.

Cancellation Policy

  • Notify the caregivers in writing regarding any cancellations no later than 5 working days before the start of the activity, otherwise parents are subject to paying the fee.
  • In the event of illness, please provide a doctor's note.