Registration Period

  • Make an initial appointment with the director in advance.
  • The goal is to get to know each other, complete required forms, tour the facility, and clarify the schedule as to which days your child requires care.
  • Parents are required to register children in advance for flexible childcare services as the facility may only accept a certain number of children on any given day. Children under the age of 3 must first acclimate before regularly scheduled childcare hours begin.
  • If you do not require childcare on the day your child is signed up for childcare (cannot come, illness, etc.), parents must cancel that day by no later than 9:00 AM.
  • You will be charged for any unexcused hours!!

Costs & Fees

Duration Fees
Hourly fee for JKU students and JKU employees € 2.00
Hourly fee for those not affiliated with the JKU € 3.50
Semester fee € 35.00


The semester fee is due at the start of the semester (March and October) and will cover the cost of arts & craft materials, diapers, and wet wipes.
The amount will be charged each semester automatically from the time of payment, from the months mentioned.

In order to be eligible for the student/employee rate, JKU students and employees are asked to provide confirmation of enrollment or employment . Failure to provide this information will result in being subject to pay the same fee as those who are not affiliated with the JKU.