Science Park 2.

JKU Campus Science Park 2 und 3 Außenansicht

Campus Location

The Science Park 2 building is located between the Science Park 1 and Science Park 3 buildings. An underpass connects the Science Park to the rest of the campus.

JKU Campusplan Science Park 2

Overview of Rooms

Seminar Room Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room S2 044 S2 044 32
Seminar Room S2 046 S2 046 38
Seminar Room S2 048 S2 048 70
Seminar Room S2 053 S2 053 48
Seminar Room S2 054 S2 054 30
Seminar Room S2 059 S2 059 36

Seminar Room S2 Z74

S2 Z74 37
Seminar Room S2 120 S2 120 32
Seminar Room S2 219 S2 219 31


Overview of Available Services

Overview of Institutes

Doctoral College Program (DK): Computational Mathematics

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Institute of Financial Mathematics
and Applied Number Theory

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Institute of Polymer Injection Moulding
and Process Automation

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Institute of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems

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