Science Park 5.


Designed by Caramel Architects, Science Park 5 was recently added as a management and administrative building. In addition to housing central administrative offices, departments and institutes that had been off-campus will now return to the JKU campus. The LIMAK Austrian Business School - the JKU's executive education program - has rented space in the building and will also be located at Science Park 5.

Campus Location

The new Science Park 5 building is located on Altenberger Straße, between the Schloss administration building and Science Park 1.

JKU Map Science Park 5

Overview of Departments

Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management


Information Management - Digital Teaching & Learning Services

Overview of Institutes

Overview of Institutions

LIMAK Austrian Business School GmbH 1. OG LEARN MORE
Institute of Labor Research and Labor Policy at the JKU Linz - IAA 5. OG LEARN MORE