The Life Science Park.

JKU Life Science Park Gebäudeansicht


The Life Science Park is located on Huemerstraße 3-5 in 4020 Linz.


The Life Science Park

Overview of Rooms

Room Room Number Capacity

Teaching Laboratory B028

LP B028


Teaching Laboratory B029

LP B029 15

Teaching Laboratory B030

LP B030


Teaching Laboratory B031

LP B031


Teaching Laboratory B032

LP B032


Teaching Laboratory B041

LP B041


Teaching Laboratory B042

LP B042


Microscopy Room/Examination Room B045

LP B045 82

Skills Lab B110

LP B110    15

Skills Lab B111

LP B111    15

Skills Lab B112

LP B112    15

Skills Lab B120

LP B120    10

Skills Lab B121

LP B121 15

Skills Lab B122

LP B122    15

Skills Lab B130

LP B130    10
Seminar Room B132 LP B132 60

Skills Lab B134

LP B134    15

Seminar Room B244

LP B244 30

Seminar Room B243

LP B243 60

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C011

LP C011 10

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C012

LP C012


Anatomy Room C013

LP C013 25

POL (Problem Oriented Learning Room C018A

LP C018A


POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C018B

LP C018B 10

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C018C

LP C018C 10

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C018D

LP C018D 10

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C018E

LP C018E 10

POL (Problem Oriented Learning) Room C018F

LP C018F 10

Austrian Student Union Office

LP C112 15

Seminar Room C114

LP C114    60

Seminar Room C115

LP C115    120

Seminar Room C115A

LP C115A    60

Seminar Room C115B

LP C115B    60

Seminar Room C116

LP C116    25

Overview of Departments