The JKU MED Campus.

The JKU MED Campus is located at Krankenhausstraße 5 in 4020 Linz. In addition to the JKU MED Campus (MED Campus I), university departments, (clinical) institutes, and other facilities are also housed in buildings at the Kepler University Hospital (MED Campus II, III, IV and Neuromed Campus) and at the JKU Life Science Park (Huemerstrasse 3-5). The Neuromed Campus is located at Wagner-Jauregg-Weg 15 in 4020 Linz.


JKU MED Campus


An overview of all of the buildings at the JKU MED Campus as well as their centers and clinics is available here.


MED Campus I

See Campus Map, Building 1 (LAB), 2 (ADM), 3 (BIB) and 4 (LEH).

MED Campus I is home to all areas of education, teaching and research, offices, a library, a café, and a supermarket. With over 12,500 m2 of usable space (excl. vehicle parking areas), the building is located in close proximity to the Red Cross of Upper Austria’s blood donation center and the Kepler University Hospital, Med Campus III. The buildings are connected by weather-protected corridors and the education and research building is technically self-sufficient, in synergy with the adjacent Med Campus III building.



MED Campusplatz

MED Campus II

See Campus Map, Building 5.

MED Campus III

See Campus Map, Building 6.

MED Campus IV

See Campus Map, Building 7.

The Neuromed Campus

The Neuromed Campus is located on Wagner-Jauregg-Weg 15 in 4020 Linz.


The JKU Life Science Park

The JKU Life Science Park is located at Huemerstraße 3-5, 4020 Linz. The (non-clinical) institutes are listed here:


Learn More About the Origin Story

The Faculty of Medicine homepage contains detailed information about the construction and involved companies.