Science Park 1

gehende Studierende vor Science Park Unterführung

Campus Location

The Science Park 1 building is located on Altenberger Straße and in front of the Science Park 2 building.  Underground parking is available and Parking Lot 2 can also be accessed from the street.  An underpass connects the Science Park to the rest of the JKU campus.


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Overview of Rooms

Seminar Room Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room MT 127 MT 127 98
Seminar Room MT 128 MT 128 58
Seminar Room MT 130 MT 130 33
Seminar Room MT 132 MT 132 42
Seminar Room MT 226 MT 226 74
Seminar Room MT 226/1 MT 226/1 60
Seminar Room MT 327 MT 327 29


Overview of Available Services

Family-friendly facilities Diaper changing table


Color copy machine Located on the 1st and 3rd floors