TN Tower


Campus Location

The TN Tower is the tallest building on the campus, located between the Kopfgebäude Building and the "Technikum" technical center.  The "Somnium" - a viewing platform atop the TNF tower - will begin in the summer of 2018. The Somnium is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

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Room Overview

Lecture Hall Room Number Capacity
Lecture Hall 11 (HS 11)         T 005 40
Lecture Hall 12 (HS 12) T 006 58
Lecture Hall 13 (HS 13) T 007 58
Lecture Hall 14 (HS 14) T 008 40


Seminar Room Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room T 405 T 405 64
Seminar Room T 911 T 911 32
Seminar Room T 406 T 406 24
Seminar Room T 406/1 T 406/1 18


(In Planning / Under Construction)

The TN Tower (Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences) is the tallest building on campus. By heightening the TN Tower and adding the "Somnium" platform, the Johannes Kepler University will have an attractive, widely visible landmark offering a spectacular bird’s eye view.  Named after a narrative by Johannes Kepler about a journey to the moon, the "Somnium" platform will be an open steel grate construction featuring plants and a floating platform with a sun sail. The space will serve as a viewing platform and think tank space.

Scheduled Construction Phase

Start of Construction

June 2018


December 2018