Die* Obelisk.

What is "Die* Obelisk". It's an Austrian "Würstel" (sausage) stand for a new generation. Or, it could be considered more of a sociotope because it doesn't really matter who we are or where we come from: We all get hungry. And we also strive for something higher (once we have a full stomach).

Where better to talk about God and the world than at a traditional Austrian "Würstelstand"? And perhaps even talk about what an obelisk actually is. In ancient Egypt, an obelisk pointed the way. Here, it points the way to research and teaching, to the JKU and to the campus. But it's more modest than historical obelisks; while also a symbol of power, it is also a digital advertising pillar communicating with its consumers in real time. It's a medium that makes a declarative statement right at the entrance to the university campud because the JKU is not an ivory tower or a laboratory, but also a space to work and live.

And what if some people don't eat meat? That's fine, too. "Die* Obelisk" is a culinary destination serving everyone from meat-eaters to veggie veterans. A snack bar that offers more than original architecture. After all, people eat with their eyes. And since the early bird catches the worm and the Blunznbosna, "Die* Obelisk" opens at 7:00 am. The variety of choices is revealed with a quick glance at the menu, featuring classics such as the Käsekrainer, Leberkäse and Bosna as well as Hermann brand vegetarian sausages, salads and farm-fresh yogurt. Operator Jürgen Lonsing also has a specialty: proscuitto sandwiches with ruccola. Or would you prefer Pusztalaibchen? Try one or try all - everything tastes amazing.

The* Obelisk is open! The* Obelisk is open!