Library / Learning Center with Kepler's Law.

Constructed during the 80s, the original stately building is home to an extensive library inventory and collection. As part of the 2019 campus enhancement plans, the entire building underwent renovations and remodeling. The new addition strikingly projects out above the forecourt area and includes an eye-catching atrium as well as a grand, open sweeping staircase.

The new addition features more open learning spaces, an attractive lounge area, and outdoor communication areas. The Learning Center - which can be accessed separately and offers extended hours - has new studying and meeting areas to read, study or even just chat. Special rooms for group projects and study groups support an exchange of information. JKU faculty members can also use these spaces as research stations. The building also houses an open area for seminars, workshops, and presentations.


©Bruno Klomfar

Kepler's Law - Identity-Creating Art

Artist Eva Schlegel has created a unique piece for the Johannes Kepler University Linz campus designed to convey both esthetic and identity-forming aspects. Her three-section seating area sculpture located in front of the new library building aims to visually capture Kepler's three laws - according to which the the planets' orbits can be calculated - and create new visual (imaginary) spaces. Two elliptical mirrors equipped with a coordinate system have been placed respectively on the seating area as well as on the ceiling, and are enclosed by an elliptically shaped band attached to the floor. All three ellipses have the same focal point. By using mirrors, the artist allows the visitor to move into a dual reflected space that is then reflected back and forth from the seating area to the ceiling, creating a state of physical and mental immersion. Thought processes can be stimulated, planetary orbits can be spatially imagined, and spatial boundaries can be overcome.

©Bruno Klomfar