Schloss & Circus of Knowledge.

Auhof Castle has a long and eventful history. First mentioned in 1350, the Auhof estate building was used for agricultural purposes and was also the site of a brewery. The long-standing, noble Starhemberg family owned the building and the property between 1689 and 1961.

In earlier times, Schloss Auhof also had an orangery filled with exotic fruits. The brewery building was demolished in 1900. At that time, a baroque church was part of Schloss Auhof. There was also a tower with a sundial.
At the beginning of WWI, some of the rooms in the building were used to care for sick and wounded soldiers. After WWII (1945-1955), some of the rooms in the building were occupied by the Soviet military during the occupation of this side of Linz and the building served as their administrative offices and living quarters.


In 1961, Heinrich Rüdiger Starhemberger sold the Castle and the surrounding park area to the city of Linz for 8.6 million Austrian Schillings (approx. € 625,000).

The early Baroque building has been listed as a historic monument since 2012 and today, Schloss Auhof is home to university management and other administrative offices.

The Circus of Knowledge

Expanded in 2020 to include the "Circus of Knowledge", the venerable castle courtyard now has a new purpose by giving visiting children space to broaden their horizons and experiences, be curious, explore the environment, and get interested in science. On the outside, the Circus has a rural, farm-like exterior. The multi-purpose wooden building can accommodate up to 300 visitors. The 'circus arena' faces both inward and outward and using a large sliding gate, the stage can open to face the castle courtyard. Made possible by former JKU Rector Richard Hagelauer to mark his retirement from the university, funding was provided using external funds.