The TN Tower, featuring the Somnium; The Technikum.

At 60 meters in height, the TN Tower is the tallest building on campus. The "Somnium" rooftop viewing platform opened in 2019. The TN Tower is home to numerous institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

The "Somnium" - the rooftop viewing platform and a seminar room - owe their name to Johannes Kepler's fictional novel of the same name about a journey to the moon. The seminar room can be used as an event space or classroom setting. An artistic touch was provided by Taiwanese artist Michael Lin, the artist who created colorful flowers you first see when you step out of the elevator.

The open structure consists of steel mesh, glass and wood. In all, around 130 tons of steel were used to create the structure. Climbing plants will give the Somnium an increasingly dense "cover" and connect this space of science with the greatest creator of all time: nature. The platform is also illuminated at night and vsible as a bright point that can be seen from a distance.

The tower was renovated extensively in 2019 but maintains its original appearance as it is a testament of its time! The campus reflects a diversity of architecture and each building's gradual addition to the campus.

©Bruno Klomfar ©Bruno Klomfar

The Technikum

Used by institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - the Department of Chemistry in particular - the Technikum provides approximately 1,400 m2 of space for laboratories, a machine hall, and the required auxiliary rooms.

Completed in the fall of 2015, the 4.3 million euros of construction costs were borne by the state of Upper Austria (2.4 million) and the Bundes-Immobilien-Gesellschaft (1.94 million).