Uni Pond & Teichwerk Restaurant.

The 11,500 sq. meter, 1.2 meter deep university pond is at the heart of the JKU campus. Approximately 180 meters long, the pond is an automatically regulated natural biotope and home to the popular JKU ducks.



The university pond is home to countless birds, fish, and turtles. Visitors are asked to refrain from feeding the ducks in order to preserve the pond's fragile ecosystem. The JKU welcomes students, employees and local residents alike to enjoy the park area, pond, and surroundings as a recreational area.


Meet Up by the TeichWerk 

Animals are not the only ones who enjoy the university pond; the floating TeichWerk restaurant and venue has been welcoming guests since 2015. The venue can also be rented for private parties and events. Weighing in at 189 tons, the TeichWerk is 42 meters long, has a draft of 80cm and floats on a heavy platform. Built in about 4,000 working hours. the TeichWerk is a place to meet with friends, chat, party, or just relax.

The TeichWerk at Night Copyright: Ars Electronica Center/Bauernhansl