Sustainability at the JKU.

Bees, 'smart' trash cans, a fruit orchard, energy-efficient buildings, and much more. Here you can learn more about sustainability in action at the Johannes Kepler University Linz campus.

For a more livable campus. For better recycling. For your employees, students and the residents in Linz Auhof. For future generations.

The Johannes Kepler University is fully committed to sustainable living. The university is living up to its responsibility by initiating and supporting projects that focus on living and working together in a sustainable way. And these projects are growing and flourishing here at JKU campus!

Vice-Rectorate for Campus Enhancements, Digitalization, and Sustainability

Office for Sustainability

Mag. Maria Buchmayr


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Welcome to the 2030 Mission!

Take part. Make it happen.

The JKU has embarked on reaching an ambitious goal of becoming a climate-neutral university by 2023! What is our vision and how do we intend to reach our goals? Click below to learn more about what you can do every day, both in the workplace and at home! Feel free to pass the information on to your co-workers, friends, family, and your kids!


Mission 2023 for a climate-neutral JKU LINZ

News & Events

Projekt SUSTAINair; Credit: SUSTAINair

SUSTAINair – Making Sustainable Aviation Possible

The JKU Institute for Structural Lightweight Design is actively involved in an EU project focusing on circular aviation.

Morgentaucampus; Credit: MORGENTAU

Be Your Own Organic Gardener at the Morgentau Campus

The MORGENTAU GÄRTEN is Austria's largest, organic DIY garden project located right next to the university.

Miriam Enzi, Msc

Travel Planning: New Algorithm Saves Time, Money, Nerves – and CO2

Organizing travel and business trips both efficiently and sustainably can be complex at times. Logistics specialists at the JKU have developed an…

Focus on the JKU's Contribution to Sustainability

The Johannes Kepler University supports sustainability in action, ranging from academia and administration to the campus living space and collaboration efforts:

Die Säulen der Nachhaltigkeitsarbeit an der JKU

The JKU as a Climate Alliance Company

Climate check of all buildings and facilities at the JKU, operational goals to save energy and reduce CO2 , continual education opportunities, and much more. The JKU is voluntarily committed to the Climate Alliance and has become actively involved in climate protection and sustainability. As a university, the JKU has an exemplary and pioneering role and we aim to be an example in our sphere of influence.

The Climate Alliance is Europe's largest municipal climate protection network. In Austria, over 960 municipalities, 520 educational institutions, 35 parishes and over 1,000 businesses have joined the partnership.

Die JKU ist dem Klimabündnis OÖ beigetreten. Die JKU ist dem Klimabündnis OÖ beigetreten.

Green Mobility JKU Campus

Better air quality, more peace and quiet, enjoying green spaces, and improving your health... There are many reasons to "switch over" right now and use your bike, a JKU City Bike, a tim electric rental car, or the tram, which stops at JKU practically right on your doorstep! Whether you just need to get from one end of campus to the other, commute to the JKU every day, plan a trip into the city or a business trip, grab one of our sustainable means of transportation available at the JKU campus.

JKU Bike

A Circular University - ARA Plus Project

Digitized trash cans and a solar-powered trash compactor - these are just two examples of sustainable waste systems that will be making their way onto the JKU campus.

Do I have to wash plastic containers out? Why don't tissues go in the paper trash? This project aims to raise awareness among our approximately 23,000 campus users about the right way to recycle.

[Translate to Englisch:] Big Belly ARA Plus Mülleimer

Honey Made at the JKU

Feel like getting something sweet from the campus? The JKU has been selling its own, on-campus produced honey at the Merchandise Shop since August 2021! With the support of Raiffeisen Bank of Upper Austria, numerous bees moved into hives located right here on campus. Rector Meinhard Lukas himself helped to harvest the very first batch of honey.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bienen auf Honigwaben

Dry Meadows, Wetland Biotopes - Biodiversity and Species Diversity at the JKU

There is a paradise for insects and small animals between the Science Park buildings at the JKU. Biodiversity and species diversity - a vital mission for the JKU as a "stepping stone" between an open natural landscape and a more dense cityscape.


Bats at the JKU 

Mosquito-eating bats, hoary bats & co! This summer, researchers spotted and counted a total of five different bat species at the JKU university pond. They either live on campus at the JKU, or at the very least were passing by.  Click here to learn more about bat monitoring. (PDF), opens a file

„The JKU has both challenges and opportunities to support sustainable development due to its campus structure and suburban location. Creating a cafeteria that uses organic ingredients was just the start - many other exciting programs are in the works and ready to launch.“
Mag. Maria Buchmayr, Office of Sustainability at the JKU
Die Leiterin der Stabsstelle für Nachhaltigkeit Maria Buchmayr. Credit: Grüne

Self-Guided Campus Tour with Sustainability Stations

An herb garden, mint field, edible hedges, 100-year-old oak trees, and more! Grab your smartphone and walk around campus to discover sustainability at the JKU. Have fun discovering & nibbling!

[Translate to Englisch:] Minzhecke am JKU Campus

Gentle Giants - Tree Diversity at the JKU

A giant sequoia, 100-year-old oaks, sky-high plane trees. The variety of trees on the JKU campus is amazing, inviting you to take a walk and explore it for yourself on campus or online: The City of Linz's tree registry lists them all of them by name, age, height, trunk circumference and canopy diameter. Just enter "Altenberger Straße 69", click on a tree, and on "i" for information.


[Translate to Englisch:] Rotbuche am JKU Campus

Farmer's Market in front of the Kepler Hall

Eggs, cider, vegetables, fruit, meat and much more - regional and sold directly by local growers! Once per quarter, up to ten farmers from the surrounding area will sell their specialties at the JKU Market. The market is not only a symbol of regional diversity and sustainability, it is also a place to meet up and chat with others.

Upcoming dates for 2023:

  • March, 30
  • May, 11
  • October, 11
JKU Bauernmarkt von der Kepler Hall ©

JKU Austrian Student Union Office for Climate Protection & Sustainability

Using their social media channels, representatives at the JKU Austrian Student Union continuously provide information about climate protection and sustainability issues. The JKU Austrian Student Union also hosts a "Climate Roundtable" each month. They also organize a number of presentation, lectures, and events.

ÖH JKU Referat für Klimaschutz & Nachhaltigkeit Logo

Alliance of Sustainable Universities

The Alliance of Sustainable Universities is joining forces to pool resources and raise awareness in regard to sustainability. These concepts are also reflected in the JKU's educational programs and research as well as in its social commitment and the way operations are managed at the Johannes Kepler University. 

Our YouTube channel features statements about just how the JKU is supporting this initiative:

Mag. Maria Buchmayr,, opens an external URL in a new window Sustainability Officer at the JKU (YouTube video)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ernst Langthaler, , opens an external URL in a new windowJKU Institute for Social & Economic History (YouTube video)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Erika Wagner,, opens an external URL in a new window JKU Institute for Environmental Law (YouTube video)

Assoz.Univ. Prof. Dr. Veronika Wittmann, opens an external URL in a new window, JKU Institute for Cultural Economics & Research (YouTube video)

Allianz Nachhaltige Universitäten Logo

Scientists for Future

Scientists4Future is a movement organized by academics and scientists, most of them being active academics/scientists themselves from various backgrounds and disciplines. The common goal is to support the demands as outlined in the "for Future" groups and provide scientific facts and information.

Approximately 140 scientists in Upper Austria are currently actively involved; 83 of those supporters are at the JKU.