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SPLC Successes

The LIT CPS Lab and CDL VaSiCS have been quite successful at the 26th ACM International Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2022). Besides a full paper in the research track (already mentioned in an earlier news post), we additionally got 2 papers accepted at workshops, a tool demo paper and a doctoral symposium paper. Details below.:

(o) In the Tool Demo paper "V4rdiac: Tooling for Multidisciplinary Delta-Oriented Variability Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems", we (Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Kevin Feichtinger, Philipp Bauer, Elene Kutsia, Rick Rabiser) present tool support for Variability for 4diac (V4rdiac), an approach developed for managing multidisciplinary variability of CPPSs.
(o) In his Doctoral Symposium paper "Multidisciplinary Variability Management for Cyber-Physical Production Systems", Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah reports on his ongoing PhD effort to create a multidisciplinary variability management approach for CPPSs.
(o) In the MODEVAR Workshop paper "Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry: Transforming the Universal Variability Language to pure::variants and back", we (Dario Romano, Kevin Feichtinger, Danilo Beuche, Uwe Ryssel, Rick Rabiser) describe how we derived and implemented transformations between the academically developed Universal Variability Language~(UVL) and the commercially developed pure::variants tool.
(o) The WEESR Workshop paper "Design for the analysis of variability management in the industry" by Ana Eva Chacón-Luna, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez, David Benavides, Lidia Fuentes is about a study to evaluate how companies perform variability management.