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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Digitally Assisted RF Transceivers for Future Mobile Communications
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Lab Management

Name Location Extension E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Springer Science Park 1, 0351-1 6371 andreas.springer(at)jku.at
Univ.-Prof DI Dr. Mario Huemer Science Park 3, 0523 5681 mario.huemer(at)jku.at


Name Location Extension E-Mail
Birgit Bauer Science Park 3, 0525-1 5680 birgit.bauer(at)jku.at

Scientific Staff

Name Location Extension E-Mail
DI Michael Hofstadler Science Park 1, 0344 6413 michael.hofstadler(at)jku.at
Moritz Tockner, MSc Science Park 3, 0531 5699


DI Andreas Meingassner Science Park 3, 0531 5693 andreas.meingassner(at)jku.at
DI Günther Lindorfer Science Park 1, 0344 6414 guenther.lindorfer(at)jku.at

Scientific Partners

Name Location Extension E-Mail
Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Harald Pretl Science Park 4, 0332 4748 harald.pretl(at)jku.at
Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Stelzer Science Park 1, 0351-2 6372 andreas.stelzer(at)jku.at
Assoz. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Reinhard Feger Science Park 1, 0352 6391 reinhard.feger(at)jku.at

Past Employees

DI Dr. Silvester Sadjina
Uma Kulkarni MSc
DI Dr. Matthias Eberlein
DI Dr. Ehrentraud Hager
DI Christina Auer
Dr. Damir Hamidović, MSc
Dr. Christian Motz, MSc
Rahul Nyamangoudar, Msc
DI Dr. Thomas Paireder
Oliver Ploder, Msc
DI Dr. Christoph Preissl
DI Peter Preyler
DI Birgit Pühringer