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The Committee for Equal Opportunities and
Its Role and Responsibilities

We are a legally established independent and non-commissioned committee.

Our three major areas of responsibility are:

  • We counteract any and all discrimination against university employees based on gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, or sexual orientation.
  • We ensure that equality between women and men at the university progresses at a steady rate. We advocate for the minority sex and ensure compliance with the JKU Plan for the Advancement of Women is observed and executed and we ensure the gender-equal composition of collegial bodies.
  • We are committed to the concerns and needs of victims of bullying and conflict and provide advising services to victims of criminal acts.

To complete our goals and objectives, we have been permitted to exercise comprehensive control and advising laws. In support of gender mainstreaming we are involved in the university’s strategic development planning as well as in matters involving human resource management and texts regarding the advertising of open positions at the university.  In addition, we are vested with the right to participate in post-doctorate commissions.

Committee for Equal Opportunities


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Our Services

We provide advising and support services regarding questions of equality between women and men, the advancement of women and discrimination in matters relating to your gender, your race, your religion, your personal convictions, your age or your sexual orientation.

If you feel you have been discriminated against for reasons as mentioned above or you believe you have been (sexually) harassed and feel no longer cope alone, then please contact us.

We are committed to the needs and concerns regarding the effects of bullying and conflict and to find constructive solutions. We are a free and independent body and we will treat your concerns with discretion.

Our goal is to recognize and prevent discriminatory decisions and structures from the start. If unsuccessful, we reserve the right to bring in an Arbitration Commission or the Federal Equal Treatment Commission.

Consulting Procedure

Those concerned can contact the Equal Opportunities office, or any individual working group member, regarding cases of discrimination or harassment/sexual harassment. Contact us in person, by telephone, in writing, or by sending an e-mail. By law, the Equal Opportunities office is required to keep all concerns confidential. We will not take any action without the consent of the individual concerned.

During initial contact with the Equal Opportunities office, we first clarify what has happened and what the complainant's individual goals are, followed by discussing options for action by the Equal Opportunities office. The Equal Opportunities office will conduct an initial assessment (screening) to determine whether or not the incident(s) constitute legal discrimination and whether or not the matter falls within the Equal Opportunities office's legal remit.


If the Equal Opportunities office is responsible for the case in question, there is a number of potential ways to proceed:

  • In some cases, the individual may not want the Equal Opportunities office to intervene further. In this case, the incident of potential discrimination or harassment is simply documented with the Equal Opportunities office. The incident is thereby recorded, particularly in the event that further incidents occur later or the person changes his/her mind.
  • If the individual concerned requests action by the Equal Opportunities office, depending on the circumstances, the Equal Opportunities office can intervene in a number of ways. For example, in order to clarify what has happened, the Equal Opportunities office can hold talks with the second party, with or without a supervisor. If desired, the Equal Opportunities office can try to work out a mutually agreeable solution to the problem together with all of the parties concerned. In individual cases, it may be appropriate to involve the university management as well.
  • If there are clear indications of discrimination, the Equal Opportunities office can also turn to the university's internal arbitration committee. This committee will examine the case and decide whether or not there has been discrimination.
  • In other cases, it may be useful for those concerned to contact the Federal Equal Treatment Commission or the Labor and Social Court.

If, during the initial consultation, it should become apparent that the Equal Opportunities office is not responsible for the individual case, we will make every effort to refer the individual to a suitable agency in regard to the case in question. This could, for example, be the Works Council in the case of labor law matters, the disabled persons' representative, or external counseling and support institutions (violence protection center, autonomous women's center, police).

Do not hesitate to contact the Equal Opportunities office with your concerns. We are always there for you!


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Committees for Equal Opportunities at Other Universities

Committees for Equal Opportunities must be instituted at all universities (comp. 42 Sec. 1 Universities Act):
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Information Sheet: Involvement in the Hiring Process

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Quota Form

The Universities Act specifies that all collegial bodies must include a minimum of 50% women. The quota form is available here.