Coronavirus Safety Protocols and Pre-Cautionary Measures at the JKU

Current Safety Protocols;
Last update: October 12, 2020

At the JKU, the health and safety of our students and employees is of utmost priority. We have put together information about the university's safety and precautionary protocols designed to combat the spread of Covid-19.

This page will be updated regularly. You can also find additional, helpful information by clicking the links in the Info Box.

In following recommendations as outlined by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (bmbwf), we advise you to closely monitor the state of your health. If your body temperature exceeds 37.5°C, we strongly urge you to refrain from coming to the university. This COVID 19 self-check put together by the Red Cross is particularly helpful. If you believe you have Coronavirus symptoms, please call the official 1450 Hotline number immediately. We kindly ask you to also report any suspected cases and infections to the internal extension 1450. You can also send an e-mail to:

Important Information

If you have symptoms, the government hotline is 1450.
Please also inform the JKU by calling the internal hotline 1450 or by sending an e-mail to:

Campus Operations: Currently On-Site and In-Person

  • Current on-site, in-person operations on campus
  • Regular office and administrative operations and services
  • Wear a face covering/ face mask until you reach your area (workspace/desk, lecture hall seat, classrooms) and wear a face covering in accordance with laboratory rules (in certain cases, FFP2 masks can be provided for those in high risk groups). The current situation is now such that we strongly and urgently recommend wearing a face covering especially now during class and whenever possible.
  • In addition, we also strongly and urgently recommend wearing a face covering especially during all classes and whenever possible.
  • Adhere to general safety protocols:
    • Maintain a distance of 1 meter from other people
    • Wash and disinfect your hands frequently
    • Cough in a tissue or in the crook of your arm
    • Regularly air out rooms
    • Do not shake hands and do not hug others

Important Information.

If the situation worsens, other safeguards and protocols in addition to those mentioned above may be enforced. We will update this page regularly to keep JKU students and employees informed and if the guidelines change, e-mail notification will be sent.

Detailed information about individual courses will be available via KUSSS (or correspondingly announced channels); the JKU Office of Examinations and Recognition Services will provide information in regard to subject-area examinations. If necessary, contact the Rectorate for detailed information.

Current Report Cases at the JKU Current information regarding those who have tested positive at the JKU Linz is available here.

See Coronavirus Case Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important to know in regard to mandatory attendance in class?

If you experience Coronavirus symptoms and your body temperature is 37.5°C or higher, we ask that you please stay home. In general and to protect others, if you feel ill in any way, please consult a medical professional and do not come to campus. Click here for particularly helpful self-check guidelines put together by the Red Cross. If you are not sure about courses that are part of the examination, please contact the course instructor directly.

Are those who have contracted COVID-19 or who have been
required to quarantine excused?

Yes, these individuals are to be excused from corresponding dates or examinations.

If I have been assigned to a digital group, will I be officially excused
from in-person, continuously graded classes?

Yes. If you cannot attend one of the lecture hall group sessions in person, you do not have to be physically present - and you should not even be present in the classroom.

Will students be informed if class sessions are to be recorded?

If classes are to be video-taped, students will see information posted by the classroom/lecture hall door. There is also a general ban on personally video-taping class sessions, even just for personal use.


Will attendance lists be used for grading purposes?

Attendance lists are required for all on-site, in-person classes for contact tracing purposes but will only be used for grading purposes if this is part of the grading criteria.

How can I best plan my semester?

Plan your semester as you usually would. At the moment, assume that classes will take place as scheduled but perhaps there will be certain dates that you cannot be in the classroom.

Will there be another complete lockdown? Will class dates or
exams be cancelled at short notice?

We sincerely hope this will not happen and the goal is to avoid this scenario. Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee and it could happen. We will provide information about the current situation here or through e-mail notification.

When do facilities such as the university cafeteria (Mensa)
and the Learning Center close?

Current rules and regulations for these facilities and others will be available on the JKU homepage.

Can I use the Study Zones, the Mensa, library, etc. to wait in,
between classes, for example?

The Study Zone and libraries are open and can be used. Please maintain the required distance from others. You can use these facilities during class breaks. The university cafeteria, the Mensa, is also available outside of the lunch services.

Will the University Sports Institute (USI) stay closed?

USI will be open for as long as officially permitted. Regulations can change weekly according to any rise in the number of infections. Information for visitors and course participants will be available on the homepage.

Can I eat at the university cafeteria as normal? What are the rules?

You can use cafeteria services as normal. You must wear a face mask when entering the buildintg and while getting your food. Once seated, you may remove the face mask in order to eat. You can also order meals to-go.

I work in an open-plan office - are there any special rules and regulations?

There are currently no restrictions to the number of persons and no m2 regulations. The general 1-meter distance rule, safety precautions, and hygiene rules apply. If there are any changes, information will be posted on the website and e-mail notification will be sent.

There is a suspected case of Covid in my family and/or I believe
I have contracted Covid. What should I do?

In the event of either of these scenarios, please call the JKU's in-house Coronavirus hotline at extension 1450. If you have been in close contact with someone who believes they have the virus or with someone who has tested positive, you must work/study from home until an official test result (from the affected person or your own test) is available. This rule applies to K1 cases.