Study Computer Sciences at the JKU / LIT.

Have you ever played a board game against an artificial intelligence opponent? Have you ever experienced a virtual world? You can experience all this already at the JKU campus!

Make the decision to study Computer Sciences or Artificial Intelligence at the JKU and get ready to conquer the future! Algorithms, digital surgical assistants, autonomous factories, and quantum computers - here you will learn about understanding and developing these future technologies.

Did you know that the JKU has always been a pioneer in the field of computer science? Austria's first academic degree program in computer science began here and in 2019, Europe's first academic degree program in Artificial Intelligence started here.

Degree Progams

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Artificial Intelligence Bachelor's Degree
New since 2019 / 2020!

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Academic degree programs in Business including Computer Sciences:

Master's Degree Programs

Artificial Intelligence Master's Degree
New since 2019 / 2020!

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Academic degree programs in Natural Sciences including Computer Sciences: 

Academic degree programs in Business including Computer Sciences: 

Doctorate Degree Program

„Today, computer science is the backbone of business and industry. Those who study computer science have outstanding job prospects after graduation.“
o.Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Hanspeter Mössenböck