Study Law at the JKU.

Do you want to apply your legal expertise to help shape the world of tomorrow? Do you want to help develop solutions to address the increasing complexities in our society? Then earning a law degree at the JKU is right for you!

Smart contracts and artificial intelligence (legal technology), the energy transition, environmental law, cybercrime, and new forms of labor require a new understanding of the law. The Johannes Kepler University has accepted the challenge. We offer both new and tried-and-true ways to earn a degree in law.


Video Study Law at the JKU Linz

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What type of program is best for me?

The JKU offers many different types of degree programs in law (a Diploma degree, a Bachelor's & Master's degree program, and a Doctorate degree). The "Law Plus" program is a Bachelor's/Master's option allowing you to earn additional academic qualifications in the fields of law, business, and technology. Find out which program is right for you!

Diploma Degree in Law

Is a tried-and-true, recognized education in law with outstanding career prospects important to you? Do you want to be free of time and location constraints and adapt the program to your schedule? The Diploma degree program at the JKU offers education in using methods and studying the law in its entire depth and breadth. This is the conventional  program and allows for more flexibility in your studies. The Diploma degree program is not subject to a selective admissions procedure.

  • Study of the law in its entire depth and breadth
  • More flexible schedule
  • No selective admissions procedure

Multi-Media Diploma Degree Program in Law

Do you work, have family care responsibilities, or do you just want to earn a law degree under flexible conditions? The multi-media Diploma degree program in Law allows you to complete your studies via distance learning, free of time and location constraints and with a degree of flexibility that suits your schedule.

  • Distance Learning
  • Utmost flexibility
  • No selective admissions procedure

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Law

Would you like to become a legal expert, lawyer or attorney and explore a new path with us? In addition to a base-knowledge education in law, do you also want to pro-actively tackle social challenges and acquire additional interdisciplinary skills, for example in technology, psychology or medicine? Are you ready to focus solely on your studies? Then the Bachelor's and Master's degree program in law is just right for you.

A maximum-sized group of 60 students are mentored and supervised during the Bachelor's and Master's program. The program includes an admissions procedure, requires that you be a full-time student on campus, and has been designed so you can earn your degree in the minimum amount of time! Program graduates can pursue legal professions, such as an attorney or judge trainee, and are also qualified for new legal professions, such as Artificial Intelligence Practice Consultant or Legal Knowledge Engineering Manager.

  • Guided mentoring
  • A maximum-size group of 60 students
  • Focus on use of methods
  • Integrated administrative internship or court clerkship year
  • Full-time student on campus
  • Selective admissions procedure

Doctorate Degree in Law

The doctorate degree program was designed to deepen the expertise you acquired during your undergraduate and graduate degree studies in law. You learn to work independently and contribute to academia by conducting individual research.

Law Plus

Are you interested in law, business and engineering and/or looking for additional academic qualifications in these fields? We have selected Bachelor's and Master's degree programs!

Bachelor's Degree in Business Law

The Bachelor's degree program in Business Law is an impressive addition to your studies in business & economics or business administration. Laws, regulations, contracts, and agreements are increasing and will also play an important role during your professional career. This Bachelor's degree program provides you with a fundamental education in business law, allowing you to start working for a company right away or intensify your expertise in the field of tax law.

  • Business and Law - the most important aspects from these two areas
  • Immediate career start in the fields of law and business or in-depth study of tax law

Master's Degree in Legal & Business Aspects in Technics

New technologies (such as nano-technology and biotechnologies) raise new questions when it comes to the law and business. Assessing facts that include environmental, corporate or criminal law aspects as well as drafting contracts require sound, subject-related solutions. The 4-semester degree program Legal & Business Aspects in Technics (ReWiTech) is a hands-on, interdisciplinary added qualification for engineers that provides supplementary expertise in law and business.


Master's Degree in Tax Law & Tax Management

The Master's degree program in Tax Law & Management at the JKU gives you an opportunity to specialize in all areas of tax law at a greater level.

„I chose to pursue a degree in business law because I find it extremely fascinating the way these fields intertwine and connect.“
Graduate, Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Law